July 6, 2022

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Cimarron Firearms Welcomes the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits to the Great State of Texas

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Fredericksburg, Texas (May 2022) –Cimarron Firearms, makers of quality replicas of Old West firearms, will be exhibiting at the 2022 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits, May 27 – 29, 2022 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Committed to representing the cowboy action and Old West lifestyle with faithful reproductions of historic, Hollywood, and Cimarron original designed pistols and rifles, Cimarron will be showcasing their latest models at Booth 2547.
“Cimarron’s DNA is purely Texan. We started our first retail business, Bigfoot, right here in Houston, so this NRA show is like a homecoming for us at Cimarron Firearms,” Mike Harvey, founder and CEO of Cimarron Firearms, explained. “We are proud to show the public the finest replicas of the guns that won the West.”
Cimarron Firearms is recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity of replica firearms. For the past 30 years, Cimarron has worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish, and function of its line of frontier firearms. There is no other firearm that is near equal in value, strength, reliability, and authentic detail as is the line from Cimmaron Firearms.
Attendees to the NRA show will be able to see Cimarron Firearms’ “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” Hollywood trinity, with pistols designed around three legendary spaghetti western characters: Angel Eyes, Tuco, and The Man With No Name. From the Clint Eastwood iconic characters to one of the biggest bestselling books and TV series, “Lonesome Dove,” Cimarron Firearms pays respect to the American cowboy in a restless and changing environment with the Lonesome Dove .44 Walker pistols. Both classic representations of what a Texas Ranger would have carried, these beautiful 9’ .44 Walker reproductions feature special engraving assigned to two of the most beloved Western characters, Capt. Augustus McCrae and Capt. Woodrow F. Call.
Lever-action rifles that protected ranches, herds, and stagecoaches, pistols that rode into battle and defined our Western history, and firearms carried by rustlers, bandits, Rangers, and Sheriffs, painstakingly reproduced for cowboy action competition, collecting, hunting, defense, or just plain old plinking will be on display at the Cimarron Firearms booth at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.
For more information on Cimarron Firearms and accessories, visit www.cimarron-firearms.com.
Keep up with the history and happenings at Cimarron on YouTube with “Cimarron Originals with Mike Harvey.”

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