• Cost​​ $135-175.00: This is about the same as a Camelback Motherlode but much better.
• Value for money​​: The pack is bombproof and will serve you for years to come – 4/5
• Ease of use​​​: The extra features of this pack make it incredibly easy to use. Clamshell opening, antenna ports, what more do you need? – 4/5
• Construction​​: Agilite lives up to their reputation for quality. Battle tested before it hit the shelf – 4/5
Small daysacks are all the rage in the teeth arms these days. With the advent of the fight light concept, the powers that be realized that carrying up to 65kg whilst advancing to contact wasn’t really a great idea. Fancy that?
So the weight is going down and the bare essentials are to be carried. Who needs a bloody great big daysack? As the old age saying goes, “bullet, bombs, comms and water are all you need to prolong the slaughter”.

So as I’ve purchased Agilite kit before, their site was one of the first places I checked out. I had a few set pieces of criteria whilst I chose.

*No more than 25 liters
*Antenna and hydration ports
*Can’t take up much room in a vehicle
Luckily Agilite has recently released a second generation of their Agilite Modular Assault Pack (AMAP). This pack is more tailored to the international market and has been tested in the field by Israeli special forces before Agilite put it into production. The pack was designed to integrate with the Agilite K series of plate carriers and ops vests, with a large velcro patch on the back so it can be mounted on them, don’t be put off by it. You’ll hardly notice.
On first impressions I noticed the pack was made of 1000D cordura, so this pack is pretty much bombproof and can take a world of hurt, furthermore the material is genuine 1947llc Crye Multicam. So it most certainly won’t make you look like a crow with some chip shop Kombat daysack from the PRI.

The AMAP can hold up to 14 liters (854.3 cubic inches) I’ve managed to fit in a PRC355 with two batteries, wet and warm kit easily, with room to spare. Any radio can be secured down with a internal retention strap and any antennas and cables can be fed through to antenna holes on either sides in the top of the pack.

Other internal features are the ability to fit a 3 liter hydration pack. I’ve tested it with both a Camelback and a Source bag which both fit perfectly. There is a small hanging clip on the top of the pouch so as you drink water the hydration bag won’t slump into a messy heap at the bottom of the pouch.

A rather interesting feature of the bag I found, was that when purchasing the ability to choose what types of straps you want is available. You have two options with a set of padded generic straps or a light weight jungle mesh. The straps are removable through a simple loops through a plastic eyelet. So you can remove the straps if you wanted to use it as a grab bag inside of a vehicle.

Available in Black and Ranger Tan

When wearing this daysack I found it sat perfectly just above my belt kit, but not too high that it would knock my helmet over my eyes in the prone position. This is a common problem for anyone who has worn a Camelback Motherlode in this position. Size wise, you can top flap it in your bergan with no hassle whatsoever. If you remove the straps you can roll it up and fit it in your bergen.
My pictures below
The design on this bag is top notch. One of my favorite features is the clam shell opening similar to the ATS Raid Pack that has been previously reviewed. This enables me to get at kit with incredible ease and makes packing it a pleasant ordeal. On the front of the pack there is a helmet carrier. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea as I always carry my Mk7 on my belt kit, I tried putting my helmet in and it didn’t fit too easily. This is perhaps the only downside of the pack. However you could use this helmet carrier for other purposes such as carrying link for quick access or carrying any kit you can’t fit in the pack.
The AMAP 2 met every one of the criteria I set for my new daysack. All the extra features the guys from Agilite have put into the pack add to its usefulness. If you choose this pack to buy, you will not be dissatisfied and you will love this piece of tactical hardware. Regardless of what role you fulfill, whether you are a light role or armoured soldier this will suit you too the ground, no shadow of doubt.
This review was written by Callum J Bickerton and originally seen on Kit Pest Review. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!

Description: The Agilite Modular Assault Pack II is the latest incarnation of Agilite’s classic IDF instantly attaching/detaching A.M.A.P which boasts a long list of new features including turning into a stand-alone backpack. The AMAP II connects to all K Series™ shoulder straps to become a stand-alone backpack or alternatively, it connects to the rear of the K Series™ plate carriers.

Other features includes a rear helmet compartment, a rear patch area and MOLLE sides. The interior features a drawstring hydration sleeve, built in snap hooks and a zip pocket for smaller items.

Specs: 14 liter (854.3 cu. in. )capacity & additional helmet carrier volume

Mil-Spec materials and polymer hardware

Made in Israel


Agilite K Series™ compatible

Becomes a stand-alone backpack

Dual exit ports for cables, antennas and hydration

New modular Sides and carry handle

External helmet carrier

[amazon_link asins=’B00VXD11U6,B002QWFCZI,B00WZYSNTO,B001W35EXM,B00OBXP3M2′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spoup-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’478d0a9d-4cb0-11e7-9bf1-7fe1a9c4da2d’]

Material Disclosure

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