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I love the utility of cargo pants but dislike the over the top tactical look for casual wear.  LAPG has created a pair of pants called BFE pants that have the utility of cargo pants, tone down the tactical beacon and are stylish.  The trou are loaded with features and all at a very affordable price.

The first feature that drew me to the BFE pants is the subtle cargo pockets.  They aren’t the flap opening bellows style typical of tactical trou. They are flat with a subtle but tough zipper.  This makes them look more like a dress pant than a cargo pant.  A more subtle zipper pull and maybe a flap to cover the zipper might help to make them even more covert.

I still had plenty of room to carry flatter type things in the pocket and the pocket doesn’t bulge like most cargo trou.  I did find stuffing a water bottle in the thigh pocket uncomfortable in comparison to my tactical trou.  There’s a tradeoff to when you give up pants that bellows like the paratroopers in Band of Brothers.

Inside side zipper pockets are two pockets that help organize and keep your things in place.

While the lower visibility thigh pocket is what first caught my attention, the variety of other pockets is outstanding.  Besides the typical front side and rear patch pockets, the BFE pants have two high hip pockets ideal for carrying rifle mags, a phone or my card case.  It was nice that their high placement eliminated sitting on whatever was in the pocket.

There’s a handy long slim pocket on the right side for a light or knife.  Personally, I wish this was on the left side. It would have been ideal for a pistol magazine.  A nifty little touch is the hidden handcuff key slot in the center rear belt loop.

Fit is athletic and most notable, a low-rise style which is different than most of my pants.  For some this might cause some change to how one EDC’s.  I like that extra button on the waist.  It denotes quality and provides more support in the waist.  I’m a bigger guy so I found the fit snug but comfortable around hips with excellent movement room in the crotch.

The fabric is wonderful as far as give and comfort.  It’s a stretch fabric of a 67% polyester/33% cotton blend.  They come in five colors.  I got the charcoal and found it very versatile with a variety of colored shirts.

Durability has been very good though quarantine is cutting down some of my opportunities to test.  Key areas are bar tacked and reinforced in the high wear areas. Best of all is the cost.  BFE pants present an outstanding balance between utility, looks, quality and price.  You get more than you pay for and that is hard to say about any pants.

So if you are in the market for a pair of pants to fit range, outdoors or hanging out, give these a look.  Personally, I think they excel as CCW pants that provide one the pockets to carry that extra EDC gear without screaming TACTICAL!  Check them out.

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By Will Rodriguez

Will served over 20 years as an Infantry officer in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and Latin America. He led units from 40 to 1000 soldiers and has extensive experience/schooling in both light and mechanized warfare to include combat. His eclectic career includes serving with US and allied forces as well as the schoolhouse and the future force in a BattleLab. He holds a Nationals Security Degree from West Point and a Masters in Counseling & Leadership. He Co-founded W2 Training & Firearms (W2TF), a personal security consulting and training firm training approximately 500 - 600 students monthly. Will has over 500 hours of firearm, personal security, crime prevention and trauma medical training. Those instructor ratings including multiple NRA Pistol certs, Rangemaster Certification, Sage Dynamics Red Dot Sight and ALiCE Active Shooter Instructor. After Parkland, Willl served an Armed Safe School Officer with the Broward County Public School District protecting 1200 students and faculty against the Active Shooter threat Master Artisan and owner of The Soldier’s Place a military décor business. His work is featured in the National Infantry Museum, the Headquarters of the Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis, and Exploitation Techniques Course, 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Operations Command. Will is the Senior Editor, Writer and creator of GRUNTSandCo.com. His writing on military/foreign affairs and personal security issues has been published in Infantry Magazine, SpecialOperations.com, SOFREP.com, RE Factor Tactical He has been a frequent guest on the Wilkow Majority radio show. Will Rodriguez was born and raised in a very tough neighborhood in Brooklyn ranked number one in arson and in the top five for homicide and is extremely grateful for the opportunities he’s been blessed with. He is married to his best friend and biggest blessing. They have six furry four-legged children.

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