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Basic Tactics: High Low Close Quarters Battle Technique

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Basic Tactics: High Low Close Quarters Battle Technique

The High Low position is accomplished by using two *operators. This technique is generally used when a team needs to clear an intersection.

One operator moves to a kneeling position behind cover while the second operator takes a postion slightly behind and over the top of the kneeling operator. The standing operator should have positive contact with the kneeling operator. The operators should focus their weapons on one area or point forward of their position. The standing operator should have his weapon parallel with the kneeling operator, while simultaneously pushing the weapon past his partner as a safety measure.

Another advantage to using this two man technique is when one operator becomes fatigued or has a stoppage in his weapon.


The operators can perform a position change simply by having the kneeling operator move away from the hallway ( in this case, the figure in the image moves the direction of 9 O’clock) and allows his standing partner to take his kneeling position. As the standing partner assumes the kneeling role, the kneeling partner pivots laterally and then to the rear of his partner; he now assumes the standing position. The operators should avoid muzzling their partner.

A team must practice in order to make them move seamlessly. If the operators choose to move down the hallway, the standing operator simply steps into the open area of the hall and the kneeling operator stands to his feet and joins him.

Project Gecko
Project Gecko

*Operator: Officer/Troop member

We want to restate this article is not a “be-all” “end-all” article that will solve every ‘tactical’ problem. It is written solely to introduce the concept of tactical movement to those with little experience or knowledge in this area. Theory and Reality are two different things; what works in the classroom will not always work in “life”. Spotter Up will assume “no” responsibility for any use or misuse of information from this article. This article alone will not make the reader an expert in tactics or in firearms nor can it be used as a substitute for PROFESSIONAL TACTICAL TRAINING or WEAPONS TRAINING. Spotter Up advises you to visit our site for training courses with a certified instructor On ALL weapon platforms.

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