August 18, 2022

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Basic Range Bag Items: Tested And Recommended

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When heading out to the range, there are a few things that I find to be necessary every time I go. These materials are not going to leave your range bag heavy and clunky, but you will find yourself happy and well prepared for the normal day to day range session. Preferably these items have been tested and confirmed to be a good value and either affordable, or of an undeniably high value.

First, let’s talk about the range bag itself. I tested and reviewed the First Tactical Summit Side Satchel. This Satchel has been an amazing piece of gear for me. It holds alot of gear, is tough enough to withstand my dogs’ attempt to shred it, and bears a heavy load without putting the pressure on your shoulder. But most importantly, it is an excellent value.

The next piece of gear is very important and something that I cannot recommend highly enough, and that is the Decibullz Percussive Earplugs.

I cannot see myself using any other product. It works like electronic hearing protection where you can hear low volume sounds and keep the sensitive hearing while still being protected from the harsh noise that could damage your ears. The convenient carrying case makes it really nice and easy to keep these custom earplugs clean and ready.

The next item that I think is vital to a range bag is a eye protection. Personally I prefer to use eye protection that is good for everyday use. This basically means that it doesn’t have to be in the range bag because it is going to be on you, pretty much at all times. I personally prefer to make sure that my sunglasses are ballistic rated so my bases covered. And hopefully they do not look too obvious as shooting eye protection.

The last piece of vital equiptment to consider having in your basic range bag would be good gloves. Now this is for many reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is for handling hot or jammed firearms. You may want extra grip and protection from getting burned. Also you may just want to shoot with gloves or keep your hands warm.

The gloves I enjoy using are the First Tactical Duty Gloves.

These gloves are thin, have good grip, and can be used all day. They fit like Nitrile gloves and seem to stay right where I need them to stay. Also they seem to have a good temperature tolerance, even down to the negatives. I keep these handy at all times.

Whether you are looking to have everything you will ever need in your range bag, or just enough to get by, I recommend these items at the very least when you are looking for a setup that is simple and cover all your bases. The only other thing that I have found useful at the range is a pen or cleaning rod. It has been on one or more occasions that I have found myself needing to pound out a stuck case or bullet. But most people will probably not experience such issues frequently enough to make it a vital piece of gear to carry around.

Other than a few other choice items that would be considered selective and subjective to the individual shooters needs, I feel that these items are basically the best items to have in any range bag. And yes, I think everyone should use a range bag. You would be surprised by how convenient they can be for the individual shooter.

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