April 23, 2021

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Ballistics Test: 9mm 124 Grain Sig V-Crown

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There are so many different types of defensive ammo options for the 9mm Luger today. It is hard to make a decision on what carry round is best for you and your pistol. Sig entered the market around the time that the Federal HST was reining king of the hollow points. Though, I personally have always had a problem with the HST. The performance in consistency has always been good, but the penetration in all calibers typically stays on the low side, which leaves alot to be desired for me. I prefer deeper penetration, in the realm of 15″-18″ in FBI Ballistics Gel.

Video Below:


In my testing, all I had available was 10% Clear Ballistics Gel that is supposed to be calibrated to FBI Ballistics Gel consistency. The problem right away is the difference in performance that you can expect from Clear Ballistics Gel. Typically, I have found that Clear Ballistics is very stable but is way more elastic than the Pork based gel used by the FBI. This difference in elasticity usually results in two things.

1: FBI gel typically shows better expansion and more shallow penetration compared to Clear Ballistics gel. Clear Ballistics typically shows most carry loads penetrating a few inches more and less expansion.

2: The FBI gel illustrates huge temporary stretch cavities that most people can’t help but to interpret as being tearing in the human body. Clear ballistics seems to be more in line with the elasticity seen in human muscle tissue, which results in minimal stretch.


In my test, I tried to replicate a more realistic interpretation of what I would find here in Alaska in the winter. For here, it is common to see Carhart jackets and a couple layers of T-shirt used due to the temperatures consistently reaching the -20s and -30s.


I found the results of my testing to be favorable for the 124 Grain V-Crown bullet. On the Sig website, they show the testing they put the V-Crown through and how it scored in the FBI testing compared to the competition. I must say that my testing seemed to match the results that Sig had in their FBI testing. All expanding and got deep penetration, though I do not have an issue with 22″. As I explained earlier, Clear Ballistics typically will give deeper penetration results. All in all, I am satisfied with the Sig V-Crown ammunition in the 124 Grain variety. I would stick to using it in a 4″ pistol but I like what it offers. And especially because it is all made here in the USA for less than a $16 a box at my local big box stores.

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