December 5, 2021

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Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Standoff Concealment Hoodie

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The hoodie is an apparel essential for today’s casual lifestyle. Hoodies aren’t only practical but they can also be tactical. Several companies currently concealment hoodies designed specifically for concealed carry. They feature hand pockets with concealed zippered or buttoned “pass-throughs” for discreet access to appendix-carry items.

The pass-throughs allow you to preemptively access and, if necessary, draw your weapon in total concealment when faced with an apparent threat, thus putting you ahead of the game in the OODA loop. They’re purpose-built concealment outer garments that look like standard hoodies. Employed as part of a athleisure or a layered look they can be very unassuming. Very gray man in appearance.

Standoff Concealment Hoodie looks like standard hoodie but hand pocket unbuttons silently to allow pass-through access to a holstered sidearm, allowing wearer to preemptively draw when faced with threat. Hand pocket is fully functional when buttoned.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Standoff Concealment Hoodie

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel recently sent me its new Standoff Concealment Hoodie for evaluation. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel was founded by five young friends who share a common goal: to redefine urban readiness through purposeful apparel that is designed to support concealed carry for an active lifestyle. As with many of us, they experienced the frustrating lack of effective concealed carry options for comfortable and athletic clothing. They decided to address this shortcoming themselves. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

The “Carrier” line of concealed carry clothing was the first of the company’s products out of the starting gate. Truly innovative, they were designed from the ground up to combine the comfort of athletic wear with the functionality of tactical clothing. The Carrier line currently consists of Carrier Joggers, Carrier Shorts and the Carrier Sweatpants. I covered them previously in Spotter Up.

On the surface, they don’t appear to be any different than standard athletic clothing. They don’t look at all out of place anywhere athletic apparel would be worn. Although the Carrier line features elasticized waists with adjustable drawstrings (similar to conventional athletic wear), it has a secret — the patent-pending Carrier Retention Waistband, which is designed to support the weight of holstered handguns. I have been running (no pun intended) with the Carrier line for some time now and it has worked out well for me. A purpose-designed cover outer garment to go with the line-up was the logical next choice for Arrowhead Tactical Apparel. Enter the Standoff Concealment Hoodie.

The Standoff Concealment Hoodie is the latest product to join the Arrowhead Head Tactical Apparel line of concealed carry apparel. Although it isn’t designed to support the weight or otherwise hold a firearm like the Carrier line, it’s a great layering garment to wear with them to conceal your firearm. As is the case with all of the other Arrowhead Tactical Apparel products, it looks like a high-end everyday casual garment.

The Standoff Concealment Hoodie features an internally buttoned pass-through hand pocket that unbuttons silently for pass-through access to a holstered handgun. It has a single button. When buttoned it functions like a standard hoodie hand-warmer pocket. The hoodie is designed for full compatibility with the Carrier line.

Standoff Concealment Hoodie is made of breathable polyester / cotton textured fabric with soft interior liner. It has cuffed sleeves for snag-free draws and discreet logo underneath hood.

The Standoff Concealment Hoodie is of pull-over design. From a fashion standpoint, pull-over designs typically look “smarter” than zip-up designs and thus don’t look out of place in in more places. The Standoff Concealment Hoodie has an an athletic fit. If you desire a looser fit, simply order one size larger.

The Standoff Concealment Hoodie is made of lightweight 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex blend. It provides the tear-resistance of Polyester with enough stretch from the Spandex for unimpeded freedom of movement. The hoodie has a soft cotton liner that adds warmth and comfort. The hoodie has a ribbed-pattern textured exterior. The texturing isn’t just there for a stylish upscale designer look. The texturing also serves a purpose by helping to prevent the printing of your handgun. The sleeves are cuffed for snag-free draws. It has a draw-string hood like most traditional hoodies. The only logo on the hoodie is a very discreet understated matching logo on the back underneath the hood.

To Sum Up

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel makes quality products. The Standoff Concealment Hoodie is no exception. It’s very comfortable and well-made. It does everything it’s intended to do. The Standoff Concealment Hoodie available from Arrowhead Tactical Apparel for $64.99. It comes in your choice of three subdued neutral-base solid colorways — Midnight Black, Gunmetal Grey and Woodland Green.

The Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Standoff Concealment Hoodie is an excellent hoodie in its own right. It’s also an outstanding casual outer garment for concealed carry in those circumstances where a hoodie is appropriate. The discreet hidden access option could potentially be a lifesaver in some circumstances. And the Standoff Concealment Hoodie can of course, be treated as any standard hoodie for draw and presentation.

An important caveat. It’s essential to practice with the (unloaded) gun you plan on carrying until consistent safe, snag-free draws and presentations using the pass-through pocket(s) are second nature before attempting it with a loaded gun. You should, of course, practice draws and presentations with any style of cover garment you will be wearing but the pass-through pocket brings its own challenges along with its capabilities.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel products are available through the company’s online retail channel at arrowheadtacticalapparel,com. It’s currently the exclusive way to purchase the full selection of Arrowhead Tactical Apparel products. The company is in the process of setting up a dealer network. Contact the company for information on becoming an Authorized Arrowhead Tactical Apparel dealer.

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Photos courtesy Arrowhead Tactical Apparel.

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