Stay tuned peeps! @laird_abides: “Keep an eye out!!! 👀 A brand new three part series, about my experiences and struggles living with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

It will be a raw, honest, and vulnerable series. From my own mistakes, failures, misunderstandings, successes and own adaptations for life.

The three parts will cover:
1. Relationships – the reality of the difficulties, battles, and hardships caused. How I’ve failed and how I succeeded.

2. Transitioning – The painful embarrassment to re-learn how to function, social interaction, confusion, communication breakdowns, etc.

3. Continuing the Fight – where I am now, the consequences, trials, realizations, and contemplative philosophy on how to keep going, when being tired of fighting becomes crippling.

It will be published on, so keep an eye out for the links to join the discussion and share your opinions and stories. Follow @spotterup to feed your whole self…mind, body & soul.

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Former Chief Scout, and Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in command of, 3rd BTN 25th MAR, 2nd BTN 5th MAR and 3rd BTN 5th MAR Scout Sniper Platoon.

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