I have been either wearing 5.11 clothing or using their gear for years.  When an opportunity came up to test out the AMP series packs I couldn’t resist.  AMP stands for All Missions Pack and that is just what this product line delivers.  The pack itself in no way screams tactical or projects outward that you are carrying your bug out gear. Unless that is what your Mission dictates that day.

Not to be confused with their RUSH series of packs with MOLLE attachment points just about everywhere.  The AMP series of packs have a completely different mission.  Do you need a pack for school and are carrying books and a laptop?  Yes, that is covered.  Going hiking and need to have your hydration bladder, gear, change of  clothing and other items stored ? That’s covered too.  Are your training or working in an environments where you need a couple rifle mags, med kit and other snivel gear on hand?  The mission dictates how you can set up your pack and it all interchanges in a way that the pack still looks like one that blends into society.

On the exterior, the AMP series looks like any other pack that you may see on the street, in class, at the gym or on the trails.  My AMP24 came with a 9×9 HEXGRID panel on the exterior.  The HEXGRID allows you to attach any MOLLE pouch in any configuration you need.  You are able to set them up facing upwards, sideways, upside down and even on an angle.  The HEXGRID panel is removable.  With it off you now have the ability to attach moral patches or any of 5.11’s other options from its Gear Set line.  In the large interior you can attach either the HEXGRID, GEAR SET, pistol holster, mag pouches or any other item that uses the hook and loop method of attachment.  This is where the AMP line really shines.  Need to go totally covert and not want to show that your carrying extra gear on the outside of your pack, all you do is attach it to the interior.  You have immediate access to your pouches from either of the many ways that the zippers can be set up.  The 5.11 dual pull zippers on the main compartment allow you to set up just how you want to have the zippers placed for access to inside if its large interior.  The rear compartment is a perfect size for a laptop computer or even your hydration bladder.  The AMP24 has a total capacity of 1950in (32 liters) of gear.  A good size for every day use, ample room to carry what your going to need for the day or overnight.

The AMP24 comes with numerous zippered up places to store your gear, there is even a hidden one that you can keep valuables.  Its so hidden, that if 5.11 didn’t have a tag on it to show me where it was I would have totally missed it.  The AMP24 even has a concealed carry pouch for a hidden handgun that is easy to access.

I am lucky that I live close to a 5.11 retail store.  I took a trip there purely for research.  While there I spoke with one of the employees, Paul.  He explained the AMP series of packs to me in detail and showed me just how versatile they can be.  Seeing just how they compare between other packs offered by 5.11 I was able to see just how low profile the AMP line is.  Paul showed me the Admin, Double Deploy and 2 Banger Gear Sets and how they work with the AMP line.  The ability to not only have them secure to the exterior but also secure onto the interior of your AMP pack is a plus.  You are able to go from a slick outside pack and have the Gear Set accessory attached inside to attaching it on the outside and having the interior open for storage.  You can also attach any other pouch that uses hook and loop as the attachment to either the outside or inside in any configuration you need it to be.  I ended up buying the Admin Gear Set and put it on my AMP24.  I like its low profile and how it did not add on to the pack to make it difficult to wear around town.  Sometimes you can add pouches and find that once you turn around in a confined space your knocking over things on shelves, tables, etc…..

I find the AMP24 to be very user friendly as well.  There is a sternum strap that is not only adjustable across your chest but allows you to place it higher or lower on the shoulder straps.  You can even opt for leaving it off completely if that fits your mission that day.  Shoulder straps are comfortable and I found the AMP24 easy to put on and off.  The draw tabs for cinching the straps tighter were easy to access and easy to release.

I can not find anything negative to point out.  Comfortable to wear, easy to adjust on your shoulders, ability to change out as your Mission changes and low profile you can not dismiss the AMP series as something to look at for your next purchase!

MSRP on the AMP24 is $189.99 and comes in Black (as tested), Ranger Green and Kangaroo.  Gear Set pouches described start at $24.99 – $34.99.

Product Deatails:

  • Patented HEXGRID multi-angle load bearing platform.
  • Gear Set compatible with internal and external Gear Set mounting capability.
  • Removable HEXGRID 9×9 Gear Set.
  • CCW pocket with loop panel and webbing strap for holster attachment.
  • Full clam shell opening main compartment with Quad-Zip zippers.
  • Internal loop platform panel, mesh org and admin pockets.
  • 4 side pockets and 1 bottom stash pocket.
  • Hydration or laptop rear compartment.
  • Thermoformed back panel with Comfort Yoke quick release shoulder straps.
  • Water resistant 500D Dobby Nylon (main), 1050D Nylon (bottom).
  • Water resistant HEXGRID 420D/1000D Codura Nylon.


  • Main compartment – 19.5” H x 11” L x 8” D
  • Total Capacity – 1950 cubic inch / 32 liter


Cost:               5/5

Comfort:         5/5

Durability:      5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Weight:           5/5

Total:              25/25

Overall Rating:  Excellent.  Highly recommended.

The scale is defined as:

Poor/Unacceptable: Worse than expected, or desirable: of a low or inferior standard or quality.

Fair:  In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors it may be deficient.

Average:  Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.

Good:  The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item.

Excellent:  Outstanding, possesses superior quality remarkably good.

Material Disclosure

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