Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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The 1911: A Pistol For Serious Shooters

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The first pistol I bought when I got out of the Marines was a Remington 1911R1. I learned alot on that pistol and ran it through the ringer in the time I had it. That was during my phase of the 45 ACP being the bestest pistol caliber ever. We all gotta start somewhere, and I started in an extreme. But that is just my personality. I accept challenges that people think are going to be too hard, and I don’t move on until I feel I have dominated it. In short, the 1911 in my opinion, has reached that point that it is a pistol that someone could employ effectively and all, but only in the hands of someone who has experience with pistols or is a dedicated shooter.


The opinions cast on the pistol seem to be a blend of bad experiences and hearsay. I am sad to report that a majority of the problems that people claim the 1911 has is based on experiences after aggressive or ill advised modification, or complete lack of consideration for natural limitations of the platform. You can learn alot from the 1911 pistol, but I like to use it as a test of ones actual skill and ability to apply a truthful, rational and descriptive argument for or against something. You can quickly learn if someone is basing their claims about a platform off of a lack of skill, experience, or knowledge for categorizing the source of the fault. For the most part, we will see the 1911 get blamed before the shooter in terms of malfunctions. The hypocrisy comes in when they blame the shooter for mods or other things before blaming the gun for an issue.

Of course, the 1911 is not perfect, and doesn’t need defending, but I feel that the truth is sometimes thrown out of proportion and turns into rumor and myth. It arguably can teach you more about yourself and guns in general than any other platform out there. In the end, I think we all need to stay on the logical end when we cast judgement on a platform. To close, my opinion is that the 1911 is not outdated, but perhaps the age of being skilled and well trained is outdated. Perhaps we are at that age to where we need things so simple that the gun does all the work for the shooter. Basically, perhaps the concept of educated and skilled shooters is outdated. Many these days use fear to drive a concept, instead of promoting the ability to adapt and overcome challenges. It is at least fun to think about, don’t you think?

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