February 4, 2023

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Wilder Tactical TQ holder – one size will fit all that you need

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For years, my compadres and I have been asking for a relatively simple thing.  A tourniquet holder which will accommodate all of the models and types endorsed by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) and the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, and one which can be universally mounted on different carry platforms.  The fact that the options like this have been hard to find is an unfortunate testament to the marketing versus functional end-user focus of most manufacturers.

Some go with the look, some gimmick, and some because they feel a certain way about a specific tourniquet.  But the reality is that the endorsed models, and those primarily used by DOD and civilian medical and law enforcement arenas include all generations of the Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T), and all models of Special Operation Forces (SOF) Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT/W).

You already know that the SOF refers to the designer’s background and can and has been applied since inception to all grunt and POGs alike.  You should also know that we’re not going to get into a debate as to which tourniquet is best, or that you should carry it with you as much as your EDC or weapon.  If you don’t want to listen to a ground pounder like me, I’m sure CAG Main and Jay would be more than happy to familiarize you with the concepts through repetitions of push pull, interrupted by front-leaning rest positions.

Many people have adopted what works for them based on any number of factors.  This was no different when the founder of Wilder Tactical Josh VanHuesen decided he needed a better way to carry his TQ’s as a Ranger Medic.  Using traditional rubber bands, even thicker gauge has proven a temporary option, as they eventually rot and break under extended stress.  Similarly, I found that stealing hair ties and scrunchies from strange women drew unnecessary attention, while working slightly better due to the nylon coating over the rubber strands.  So Josh designed his first TQ holder, followed by modifications to improve the design and functionality.

First and foremost, the Wilder Tactical TQ holder will accommodate any variation of C-A-T and SOFTT tourniquets on the market.  If you are used to storing your TQ a certain way based on the previous method of carry, you may have to do some slight modifications, such as moving the windlass slightly, or adjusting the length of the loop for a better fit.

This does not effect the proper deployment and application of the TQ, but I recommend several repetitions to maintain proficiency.  I am not necessarily of all things Kydex.  While the look is sharp, sometimes I prefer saving on weight and minimizing the signature in lieu of the sexy factor.  With that said, I love the Wilder Tactical universal TQ holder.  It’s light. It’s adjustable with one bungee and allows for several ways of storing your preferred TQ.  It looks sharp in uniform, and concealed.  It doesn’t have unnecessary hardware or design features which serve no essential functions.

Did I mention it will fit SOFTT and C-A-T?  Yeah, love that.  Not the least of my simple desires in the TQ carry, was the fact that the end-user should have the ability to carry the same way on their belt, kit, MOLLE gear, or vest.  Under stress it is essential that critical skills function fluidly and efficiently.  Being used to carry a TQ one way on your belt and another way on your kit is almost counter-productive.

The Wilder Tactical holder offers several options, a couple of which allow the user to move the same TQ/holder from one platform to the other smoothly.  The options are Tek Lok, MOLLE Lok, standard 1.5” or 1.75” belts.  While some of these may not be intended to be moved around, I found that my Tek-Lok option fit on a MOLLE platform, and any belt I use.

I have never used this attachment in any other product, and really like it.  The small tab underneath the Lok swings to open or shut the mechanism, and becomes instinctive after a few repetitions.  You don’t have to look at it to manipulate the device, and its secured solid on the belt.  I have put the pouch through a lot of strenuous activity, where some, Kydex or nylon holders might bend, break or show signs of wear.

I found none of this with the Wilder TQ pouch.  Other than wiping it off once in a while, it requires no maintenance.  The Tek Lok allows it to slide along the belt with some force just enough to make fine adjustments, but will not move it from the spot where it is secured.  It also takes up minimal room on the kit or belt.  There is no unnecessary backing to the pouch, and it is only as wide as it needs to be.  The pouch is an open top, and draw of the tourniquet is very smooth.

The Wilder Tactical TQ pouch is a testament to the spotter up motto “I will find a way or make one”.  It is a functional, efficient and reliable option for carry and utilization of any CoTCCC or C-TECC approved tourniquet.  At $29.95, the US made Wilder Tactical TQ pouch is as competitive as any product on the market, and overall a better value than most in its function and appearance.  It can also be mounted as a piggy back onto any other Wilder Tactical pouch, or for that matter any MOLLE kit item you already have.  You can find it at www.wildertactical.com in black, coyote, and OD green.

Designed by a S.O.C.M. Ranger Medic for fast access, durability, and comfort.  Our universal tourniquet holder is the only product on the market which will accommodate CAT, SOFTT, and SOFTT-W tactical tourniquets.

Newly updated Generation 3.0 design.  With improved feeding and now made with Super Tough Nylon for years of dependable service. 

  • Compatible with CAT, SOFTT, and SOFTT-W tourniquets (not included)
  • Available in Black, Coyote Brown, and OD Green
  • Available with standard, Tek-Lok, and Molle-Lok attachment options
  • Can be piggy-backed on Evolution series rifle magazine pouches

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