August 12, 2022

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

“We destroy masculinity in America by doing more than just inculcating timidity in boys and promoting swaggering as a sin. We replace what’s been tried and tested with what is worthless and unwanted when all a boy wants to do is prove himself as a man. We crush a boy’s childlike faith in what is most probable about being a man and leave him doubting if masculinity is even a fact found within him. The new society makes it a heresy to believe in ancient truths.”~Michael Kurcina

We promote the idea of the whole man or the Athenian ideal. We promote becoming the Man of Intellect, Man of Emotion, Man of Spirit and Man of Action. We are here to learn, to impart knowledge, and to not be a drag on the world. We believe in God, America, family and we support our military and law enforcement, and anyone who tries to improve the world around them. We are original. We are more than just about apparel, motivational posts and informational articles. We are about critical thinking, self-reflection and discovery. Simply, we are about finding solutions to problems ad choosing to learn and choosing to lead. In the end we believe this results in a person becoming self-actualized. Change the culture for the better. There are no victims here. We ask people to have open minds and to think problems through to their logical conclusion that should in turn beget solutions. We write about loss, warrior coda, humility, honor, pride and a whole lot more. We seek to inspire by creating original thought-provoking content; no easy feat. We want to understand where we fit in this world despite wounds from divorce, combat, child abuse or anything else that injures the soul. We are here for men and women who fight, for those who don’t know how, and for those who want to learn how. We are about redemption and spreading the word that by doing the work, by building community that you can get to being whole. Follow our brand and grow. Join our community and follow our website spotterup or our Instagram page.

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