Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

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War HOGG Tactical overview of the Archon Firearms Type B

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In this video I talk about the features and design of Archon Firearms Type B pistol. I have been part of the test and evaluation process of this pistol for over a year and I can tell you it is truly a shooter’s pistol. Archon has designed this pistol in a way that no modifications are needed, the pistol is ready to go right out of the box. The Type B comes with a great gun bag, 4 magazines, oil, marker for marking your mags, gun lock and manual. All you need to do is buy a holster and you are good to go. If you attend a War HOGG Tactical pistol class you can have the option to use a Type B for the entire class. Rick Hogg is the owner of War HOGG Tactical, Inc. and is a 29 year US Army Special Operation Combat Veteran that has taken his 13 combat deployment, both Iraq and Afghanistan, and teaching experience as a Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat instructor and harnessed them into a proven training methodology service company, War HOGG Tactical, Inc. War HOGG Tactical, Inc. offers professional comprehensive mobile firearms, tactical and K9 training to civilians, military and law enforcement agencies through combat proven techniques and experience to improve students skill ability. War HOGG also conducts product development and product field testing along with a verity of consulting services in the defense and firearms industry.

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