Last deadlift day of the cycle comin’ in hot. Don’t get too cocky with your weight because the volume adds up pretty quick. Last time I tried this I went for 405 and the weight was pretty devastating around rep 20.

Some Tabata intervals following the deadlifts. Remember that Tabata is executed on a running clock where you work continuously for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. You’ll finish each Tabata at the 4 minute mark. Again, be conservative with your DB weight on the floor press because the volume stacks up pretty quick.

One note about the engine builder. I don’t want you wasting time between reps, but posture and position is king. Make sure we are in control of the weight through the full range of motion, otherwise we are just sweating without a purpose. Always assume a movement is done strict unless told otherwise (which will likely never happen).


By Brian T

Hey guys, I'm Brian. I've been in the military around 11 years at this point in 11 and 18 series jobs. I started Modern Athlete Strength Solutions not just to give it the cool nickname of MASS, but to provide free strength and conditioning training to those that want to cut through the BS, not pay $100 for a generic program, and develop their athleticism through qualified S&C coaches. I am also the Executive Director at Operation RSF, a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and community initiatives on how fitness benefits mental health.

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