October 6, 2022

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Vertx Manitou Hoodie — New Multi-Functional Tactical Hybrid Hoodie

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Vertx Manitou Hoodie

The Manitou Hoodie is a stylish new multi-functional hoodie from Vertx®. Vertx designed the Manitou Hoodie to be “the ultimate hybrid of warmth and mobility.” It’s much more than your typical hoodie. More about this later.

Vertical zippered pass-throughs concealed inside zippered hand pockets in Vertx Manitou Hoodie allow discreet access to appendix-carry items. Internal AbrasionGuard lining resists wear from CCW and EDC gear.

A Little Background

The modern hoodie originated in the 1930s as a utilitarian garment for workers in cold New York warehouses. The hoodie offered the same benefits of a sweatshirt with the added benefits of a head covering. The garment’s style can actually be traced back to Medieval Europe and the tunic or robes worn by monks, that had a hood called a cowl. A hooded cape called a chaperon was also commonly worn by outdoors workers. The word “hood” is derived from the Anglo Saxon word hōd, which is also where we get the word “hat” from.

The hoodie took off in popularity during the 1970s. Its popularly continues to grow today, fueled by the mainstream adoption of sportswear and the athleisure lifestyle. The term “hoodie” entered popular usage in the 1990s. Hoodies are exceptionally practical. They’re comfortable, versatile, stylish and provide warmth. They’re great to wear in any casual setting.

The Tactical Advantage

Vertx, as well as several other companies, offer concealment hoodies feature that feature hand pockets with concealed zippered or buttoned pass-throughs for discreet access to appendix-carry items. They allow the wearer to preemptively draw a weapon in total concealment when faced with an apparent threat.

All Vertx hoodies are designed for concealed carry and feature vertical zippered pass-through access hand pockets and internal AbrasionGuard™ lining that resists wear. Vertx recently provided me with its new Manitou Hoodie for testing and evaluation.

First, a little company background is in order. Vertx was launched in 2009, when its parent company, the Fechheimer Brothers Company, founded in 1842 and owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., was approached by an elite federal agency looking for comfortable low-profile pants with the all of the functionality as the tactical pants they were wearing at the time but didn’t scream “shoot me first.” Working with top operators, the company developed the industry’s first tactical pant that combined the needed functionality with a low visual profile.

Vertx Manitou Hoodie feature full-zip front with zippered left external chest pocket. Quiet fabric reduces noise on the move and features water-resistant DWR exterior finish. Articulated raglan sleeve with underarm gusset increases mobility.

Leveraging its experience, Vertx subsequently expanded more into low-profile clothing over time, which eventually also brought them into bags and packs so their same customers could carry all the equpment they needed while remaining discreet.

The Vertx Manitou Hoodie

The Manitou Hoodie is designed for functionality. Features include an athletic carry fit that easily conceals gear on the waistband and allows layering for variety of easily changed looks, internal AbrasionGuard™ lining that resists wear from gear, full-zip front with zippered left external chest pocket, vertical zippered pass-throughs concealed inside zippered hand pockets that allow discreet access to appendix-carry items, a cordless fitted stretch hood with anatomical design to reduce snag hazards and allow unrestricted vision, articulated raglan stretch sleeves with underarm gussets that enable dynamic movement, a drop-back hem to maintain belt and back coverage when bending and during strenuous activities, and quiet fabric that reduces noise when on the move. It’s definitely not your typical hoodie.

The design is very well thought out. The zippered left external chest pocket has a large capacity for storage. The vertical zippered hand pockets are fully functional when their pass-through is zipped. The YKK VISLON zippers zip and unzip silently. The AbrasionGuard lining does a good job of protecting against wear from any aggressive stippling, checkering or serrations on your weapon or tools that you might have, preventing the wear-through common with standard outerwear, thus increasing the longevity. The anatomically designed stretch hood is athletically formed and articulated in such a way that it comes over the top of your head and provides protection whether you’re wearing a hat, helmet or just the hood alone

Vertx doesn’t scrimp on quality in its products. The Manitou Hoodie has a body of 100% Nylon Mini-ripstop. The sleeves are 47% Nylon/36% Polyester/17% Spandex. The AbrasionGuard lining is 96% Polyester/4% Spandex. The body has 60g PrimaLoft® Gold Active Insulation, an advanced high-performance water-resistant synthetic insulation. The hood and sleeves have synthetic fleece construction, The zippers are YKK® VISLON®, which features Delrin® (polyacetal resin) teeth that are molded onto the zipper tape. VISLON zippers are stronger and more durable than coil zippers and lighter weight than metal zippers of the same size. The exterior features a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish for water-resistance. Top-notch construction.

Fitted stretch hood on Vertx Manitou Hoodie features anatomical hood design that doesn’t impair vision and is cordless to reduce snag hazards. Athletic carry fit allows layering for a variety of looks. Drop-back hem maintains belt and back coverage when bending and during strenuous activities.

The 60g PrimaLoft Gold Active Insulation in the body of the hoodie and thin fleece construction of the hood gives you the warmth where you need it for your core but not as much where you don’t so you don’t overheat. The fleece also adds comfort where it contacts the skin.

Comfort is key in any athleisure wear. Vertx employs flatlock stitching on its hoodies for comfort. I looked it up. Flatlock stitching is a type of stitching that, as its name implies, results in a flat seam with no bulk. It’s used in stretch athleisure wear where seam allowances may hurt the wearer’s skin. The Manitou Hoodie is exceptionally comfortable.

The only visible logo is a very discreet, small embroidered Vertx logo on the cuff of the left sleeve. It’s the same color as the sleeve. You have to look very closely to spot it. The Manitou Hoodie is low-profile all of the way. The discreet logo also imparts a classier look.

Final Thoughts

The Manitou Hoodie is an outstanding hoodie. It’s well-designed, stylish and well-made. It’s especially well-suited for cooler weather. It’s unique combination of features make it an ideal hoodie for the armed professional.

I often pair the Manitou Hoodie with the new Vertx Unity Runner’s CLUTCH Belt when out for a jog or working out. They make a great workout combo. For my full review of the Unity Runner’s Clutch Belt see Vertx Unity Runner’s CLUTCH Belt — Low-Profile Modular Multi-Mission Belt • Spotter Up.

The Vertx Manitou Hoodie has a MSRP of $145.99. It’s currently available in three colorways Canvas Green/Compass Green, Dark Sky/Open Water Blue and It’s Black/Tarmac. It’s one of Vertx’s Low-Vis Limited Edition (LVLE) collection, so it comes in new colors every year. The Manitou Hoodie and all Vertx products are available online from Vertx at vertx.com or at authorized Vertx dealers.



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Photos courtesy Vertx.

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