Flannel button-up shirts are fall casual wardrobe staples. They’re a perfect match for crisp autumn days.

When it comes to men’s fashion, flannel shirts are about as timeless as it gets. No matter the fashion trend of the day, classic flannel shirts will never go out of style. They’re wardrobe workhorses that go with practically anything. With their rugged outdoorsy vibe, they’ll always look great, whether in the backcountry or around town.

Flannel shirts are versatile garments that are meant to be functional and comfortable. They’re great for layering when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Flannel shirts can be worn as an alternative to a jacket or overshirt during transitional periods. Worn untucked, flannel shirts can be excellent cover garments for concealed carry.

Vertx Canyon Flannel Collection flannel shirts are designed for concealed carry. Canyon River Flannel shirt is shown in Midnight Clay Plaid.

When we think of flannel shirts, a plaid or tartan (Scottish clan or regimental plaid) pattern most likely comes into mind. While a plaid or tartan pattern can be an important component, flannel refers to the fabric type and not the pattern. Not all plaids and tartans are flannel. Not all flannel is plaid or tartan. So, what exactly is flannel?

Flannel is an incredibly soft and comfortable fabric that’s napped on one or both sides. The fabric will get even softer as it gets older. Flannel is usually a twill or plain weave. It was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now frequently made from wool, cotton or synthetic fiber. It’s an easy to clean and care for fabric. As befits its outdoor work heritage, a well-made flannel is meant to take abuse. Although its actual origins are uncertain, historians have suggested that flannel can be traced back to 16th century Wales, where a fabric similar to flannel was used by the Welsh as replacement for their plain wool garments.

Vertx Canyon Flannel Shirts

Vertx® has come out with two new long sleeve flannel shirts designed with concealed carry in mind: the Canyon River Flannel and the Canyon Valley Flannel. The Canyon River Flannel features classic straight seams at the front and back yoke. The Canyon Valley Flannel features contemporary Western-style angular seams at the front and back yoke. Both shirts are otherwise identical to each other in construction and features. Before being released, the Canyon Flannel shirts underwent extensive beta testing, as do all Vertx products.

The Canyon Flannel shirts feature concealed carry compatible construction designed to provide extra coverage in any concealment position. They’re built with a preshrunk, athletic fit (roomier upper body with tapering to the waist) that gives the shirts a more tailored look, while still being loose enough to drape over a gun and holster without printing (with suitable body type). They feature underarm gussets and angled back yoke to provide an unrestricted range of motion without a lot of bulk. The sleeves are loose enough to fit over thicker layers or roll the sleeve up to the elbow for a more relaxed look, without feeling restricted. The sleeves have adjustable cuffs with two button-closure.

Canyon Flannel shirts have four hidden mini stash pockets, including two front hem pockets for weights or other similarly sized items. Bottom three buttons on placket are faux button snaps, allowing you to quickly break away and clear your garment.

The Canyon Flannel shirts have a straight hem with a drop back for wearing untucked, although they can be worn tucked if desired. The straight hem gives the shirts a more finished look” when worn untucked than a shirt with curved tails that’s designed for tucking. The straight hem also has better side coverage. The drop-back hem gives added coverage when bending and during strenuous activity, without being so long as to restrict clearing of the garment when seated.

The Canyon Flannel shirts are currently available in one length only. It should work for most people. I’m 6-1 and the bottom of the front hem hits just below mid-fly with my arms at my side. A good way to check if the length of a cover garment is sufficient is to raise both of your arms over your head. If the garment rides up to a point that it exposes your gun or holster when you do this or it nearly does, the garment is likely too short in length.

The Canyon Flannel shirts have a low-profile front placket. The bottom three buttons on the placket are actually faux button-front metal snaps. From the front, the faux buttons look exactly the same as the other buttons on the shirt. They allow the shirt to be ripped open for quick breakaway and easy clearing of the garment. The sleeve cuffs are adjustable with button closure.

The Canyon Flannel shirts have low-profile hem pockets on the bottom of the front placket that allow weights to be added to aid in clearing or for stashing other small items. The two hem pockets coupled with the collar stay pockets together offer a total of four hidden mini stash pockets that allow you to preload items up to 2” long. The mini stash pockets may be employed for stashing handcuff keys and/or other small e&e tools when operating in hostile areas or non-permissive environments.

The Canyon Flannel shirts have a roll collar (stand collar that folds over) with sewn channels/pockets on the underside for collar stays (removable collar stays are included) and other small tools. Stays keep the collar firm and crisp. The collar shape, length and feel are more more casual in styling as is befitting of a flannel shirt. There’s a comms loop inside the back collar for cord management of comms wires and earpiece.

Canyon Flannel shirts have two chest pockets with mitered pocket flaps for easier access. There are also two discreet Napoleon pockets to add secured storage for important documents and other gear. The pockets feature hook and loop closure.

There are two chest patch pockets with stylish mitered pocket flaps for easier access. The chest pocket flaps have hook and loop closure. There are also two large hidden Napoleon pockets (chest pockets with vertical opening) with hook and loop closure behind the chest patch pockets to add secured storage for important documents and other gear. All stress points are bar tacked.

Flannel shirts come in various weights. The Canyon Flannel shirts are made of a medium weight plain weave flannel. It’s heavy enough for excellent durability without being so heavy that it loses versatility. The fabric is single napped for a soft exterior texture.

The fabric is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The poly/cotton blend combines the properties of the two different fibers, providing the benefits of each. The fabric is strong, durable and comfortable. It’s fade, wrinkle and stain resistant.

The Canyon Flannel shirts come in great looking plaid patterns that provide a classic appeal. The Canyon River Flannel Shirt is currently available in Blue Ridge Plaid and Midnight Clay Plaid pattern colorways. The Canyon Valley River Flannel Shirt is currently available Marshland Plaid and River Shade Plaid pattern colorways. Vertx provided me with the Canyon River Flannel Shirt in Midnight Clay Plaid.

All things being equal, darker shirts better conceal than lighter colored shirts since they visually print less to the eye. Patterned shirts, such as plaid shirts, conceal better than solid color shirts, since they tend to visually break up any bulges and shadows. The Canyon River Flannel Shirt in the Midnight Clay Plaid pattern colorway that I was provided touches all of the bases.

To Sum Up

The Canyon Flannel shirts are outstanding flannel shirts. They not only look great but are optimized to meet the needs of the armed professional and everyday concealed carrier. They combine expert design with top-quality materials and construction, as one would expect from Vertx. They’re built to last. The Canyon Flannel shirts run true to size.

The Canyon River Flannel Shirt and Canyon Valley Flannel Shirt have a MSRP of $69.99 USD. The Canyon Flannel shirts and all Vertx products are available online from Vertx at vertx.com or at authorized Vertx dealers.



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