Vanquest states in their press material that the RACKIT bag is designed for, “covert operations and urban settings, the RACKIT-36 (Gen-2) covert rifle pack provides discreet and secure transportation of your carbine with a rapid deployment capability.” If you spend as much time as the Spotter Up team does reviewing gear than you are more than likely are going to notice what people use when you are at the gun range or local gun shows. Most of what I see out there is being made for the price-conscious customer and it’s unimaginative, but I can understand why.  In my opinion most users of rifle bags are just looking for something they can stow their gear in that is affordable. After paying for a rifle, pistol, ammo, eyepro and earpro a bag isn’t a high priority. Most rifle bags from companies like Voodoo or Condor price in at $30.00-$90.00 bucks for foreign made gear. The average shooter just carries their weapon from their home, to the range, and back to the gun safe.  Sure some shooters are willing to spend more than the average price of $79.00 bucks for a rifle bag, but it should have some good features. Consider that when  it comes to rifle bags function and price are the two aspects of a product usually considered by a buyer before they are really thinking about style. The RACKIT prices at about $159.00 and I think it has some notable features.

While waiting for friends to arrive at my local gun range I sat in a chair and noted every bag carried by a customer that crossed my line of sight. Most of the rifle bags were rectangular, black or tan, had lots of MOLLE stitched to the outside of the bag, and a simple thin shoulder strap with a metal or plastic clasp to hold it over the shoulders; they looked very militaristic which is cool by me but if you want low-vis than maybe this bag is for you.

Enter the Vanquest RACKIT. The bag has some gentle curves, comes in different colors such as a tan with gray, gray with black, or black. Most gunslingers might notice it if  it were slung over your shoulders while grabbing a coffee somewhere public, but I don’t think non-shooters would. The bag really doesn’t scream out, “I’m a rifle bag!” I have spent a good amount of time using this bag and I will tell you that I really like it.

One day I went to meet Spotter Up writer Jay at the range and it rained. The bag did a great job of being water repellent. The bag is constructed using 1,000-D Mil-grade Cordura® fabric with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) fabric protector, while the interior of the bag is made of a lightweight & moisture resistant 210-D Ripstop. My gear was dry.

It is nearly devoid of MOLLE and the Flag/ID patch holder isn’t rectangular as is typical of most para-military type rifle bags. As I mentioned before it comes in a variety of colors such as: Black, Wolf Gray + Black trim, and Coyote Tan + Wolf Gray trim. There are some new features in the current model. The newer version has 0.5″ longer internal space. This might seem like little but every inch truly does count.  Also there is more loop-faced MOLLE-Air attachment area in the front pocket and also in the main compartment. It is a sleek, modern looking bag.

It also comes with Hypalon webbing on the bag. One of my favorite features are the circular zipper loops (Zipline Orbit) made by ITW-Nexus. The zipper loops are very easy to grab and pull on. You can easily grab them to access the contents of the bag quickly. The other zippers on the bag are durable, abrasion resistant & lockable RC-Class #10 YKK® zippers, that are reversed for protection. A significant feature of the bag was the bonus padding added to the bag on its interior. This extra padding significantly reduces the “print” of your weapons, ammo and other gear that are stowed inside. The front compartment measure in at 19” (W) x 2″ (H) x 12″ (D).

Shove your  AR-15, rifle mags, and whatever else you think you need at the range into your bag and I think it does a good job of holding the weight well over your shoulders without shifting, and it will not “print” while you walk. The RACKIT has comfy shoulder straps with sufficient padding and they are adjustable for both right- and left-shoulder-carry. The straps are removable.

Supported by a removable waist strap, the RACKIT-36 gives you full range of motion with nice comfort. One cool feature of the bag is it is fully ambidextrous. Simply unzip the back panel, undo the straps and switch the bag to the other shoulder. The neoprene rubber padded handles allow it to be held horizontally or vertically. I love these handles because it allows you to hold and deploy your weapon regardless of what angle it is affixed to your body. Carrying two ammo boxes and the bag are easy to do at the same time because of its features.

The bag can also be carried comfortably for long distances because of the padded shoulder straps and by using the nylon waist-belt, although I prefer not to use the belt. Once you adjust the straps to your body properly it will stay tightly to your frame. There is a lumbar pad that adds comfort when it is being carried. Inside, the bag is a lengthy (27.75” x 9.5”) hook and loop field that provides extra space for modular accessories such as a holster, medical bags or cleaning kits. The padded main compartment (36″ x 2″ x 12″) is made of ultra-durable 1,000-D Cordura. Many bags have fabric that feel thin and flimsy while this bag is sturdy and durable. I’ve been using it for months and it hasn’t fallen apart at the anchor points.

There is an optional CCW Holster, CCW-Plus-Mag and Double Mag Holder that can be used for handgun and/or magazine carry. Overall I have to say this RACKIT-36 Rifle Case is very nice bag. It has quality written all over it. It is lightweight, functional, durable and stylish. I believe this is a quality product. This bag is very professional looking, and can be used in any environment. I think it’s good for the shooter wanting to protect his gear, and the guy wanting something other than the standard, MOLLE covered rifle bag. The low-vis look is cool, there is adequate storage, generous padding, strong anchor points, and overall I think the price is justified by what you get for it. Check out some of our other Vanquest reviews. I think this company really sets the bar high.

Cost: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Overall Rating: 23/25

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