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Sports Afield Lighting Series Wall Mount Single Handgun Digital Vault

We can all agree that a proper way to secure a firearm essential, if not sometimes critical.  This doesn’t just include a good holster and manner of carry.  It’s storage in the home, office, in your vehicle and elsewhere you frequent where secure storage may be required.  What we sometimes can’t agree on, is how storage of weapons effects their accessibility, what is optimal for location and security and storage of any given firearm.

Sports Afield has addressed these concerns by offering a diversity of safe and secure storage solutions.  They range from handgun sized to long guns of just about any kind, small portable safes to large wall units, and a variety of accessibility options.  Digital and key entry, combination locks, fire and element resistant features, and all backed by a solid lifetime or three year warranty, depending on the series and models.

We received a Lightning Series single handgun wall-mounted vault (model SA-RVS) to evaluate.  The Lightning series allows for more streamlined and smaller space signature than some other models, but comes with just as many features.  The electronic keypad is a simple and effective way to gain access to the contents.  Individual experiences may vary, particularly under stress, and the secondary key access is not only a good backup plan here, but also allows for a sure, gross motor skill accessibility.  There is a light which indicates when a battery needs to be replaced, for those of us with fear of all things digital.

The interior or the RVS is accessed via a swing-type door, so the weapon has to be stored in a draw condition, upright.  The door swings toward the user, bringing the contents with it.  This is different than some flat or drawer type storage.  The inside foam keeps a variety of weapons secure and quiet.  This becomes more important when the safe is mounted within a mobile platform.  The foam can accommodate a handgun and a holster, and I was able to store a holstered compact, and a spare magazine.  However I found that the space to actually insert your hand and grasp the firearm to be able to present it upon draw is tight with and without any additional items.  I suppose it’s a compromise.  Either you want a slim storage cabinet, or fast draw.  The later requires room to achieve your desired grip. The wall mount feature is achieved via a wall bracket, and a spacer which allows the door to swing down with enough room.  A spring-backed design, it swings open wide enough and doesn’t slam.

A testament to Sports Afield customer service and quality control, is a fact that during the T&E they discovered that a spacer designed for proper securing of the safe to the wall needed to be updated.  I’m sure I, like any other customer, were sent a replacement part at no cost.  As stated by the company “At Sports Afield we stand behind our products by providing the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. If a problem does arise, we pride ourselves with providing exceptional customer service to resolve any issue, big or small. We want you to be completely satisfied with your safe. This is our guarantee.”

Sports Afield Lightning series vaults are “fully programmable for safe, secure storage of your smaller items in the most convenient locations. Fully illuminated, both inside and out, the contents are easily accessed in the darkest and most time sensitive situations. Our Lightning Handgun Vaults are backed by our three year no hassle warranty.”

While this write up will never do as good a job of explaining the Sports Afield single handgun wall-mounted safe, the company’s storage solutions and overall value are second to none.

Other features include: program combinations between 3 and 8 digits, illuminated buttons, interior lighting and tamper indicator.

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