Maker of innovative tactical clothing UF PRO announced its newest line: “Urban” for wear while conducting operations in metropolitan situations where blending in with the crowd is essential. The line employs state-of-the art fabrics that deliver real comfort while withstanding the kind of punishment that comes from field operations in all weathers.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (SEP. 27, 2017) – UF PRO®, maker of innovative clothing for military and law enforcement personnel, today announced the new line of rugged yet civilian-looking tactical apparel for wear in “urban jungles.”

The line is in fact called “Urban” and is designed for both function and fashion, the company said.

The UF PRO® Urban line consists of pants, jacket, t-shirt, and polo short, all made from state-of-the-art fabrics that feel cottony soft but can withstand the punishment of prolonged brutalizing field operations in rain or cold weather, according to the company.

“The Urban line gives you the best of everything,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO® product development. “Urban delivers the performance you’d expect from a great piece of tactical kit, it’s incredibly comfortable, you can wear it year-round, it looks fantastic, and its styling is such that you won’t stand out like a sore thumb when you’re mingling with crowds of people.”

UF PRO® P-40 Urban Pants

The UF PRO® P-40 Urban pants are based on UF PRO®’s popular P-40 pants. Key attributes of the P-40 Urban pants are excellent freedom of movement, comfortable fit, superior knee protection, and seasonal adaptability, said Wagner.

“Our P-40 Urban Pants combine a sturdy rip-stop material with a state-of-the-art stretch material from Schoeller textile,” Wagner explained. “The pants stay remarkably durable and stretchy because this hybrid material is incorporated exactly where it’ll do you the most good.”

Wagner added that the Urban P-40 pants stay comfortable during the summer due to the fabric’s breathability. Come winter, the pants turn cold-weather ready simply by slipping in an optional WINDSTOPPER® lining, he said.

UF PRO® M1 Field Jacket

The feature-packed UF PRO® M1 Field Jacket is patterned after the U.S. Army’s World War II-era M41 field jacket, but with several futuristic enhancements, said Wagner.

One of the biggest updates is use of EtaProof® fabric, a high-tech cotton. The material gives the jacket breathability while also making it permanently water-repellent.

“EtaProof® fabric is spun from very thin twisted fibres woven into an extremely dense plain-weave fabric,” Wagner said. “When this material gets wet – from rain, for instance – it absorbs the moisture, swells and eliminates almost all of the empty space between individual fibres. This keeps the water out, for the most part.”

The jacket also features an abundance of inner pockets and interior loops to permit secure carrying of small gear – up to and including a concealed sidearm, according to Wagner, who noted that, like the pants, the jacket also converts from summer to winter duty with the insertion of a liner (in this instance, one made from Merino wool).

UF PRO® Urban Shirts

Two shirts round out the UF PRO® P-40 Urban line. One is a casual t-shirt, the other is a polo shirt, Wagner reported.

Both, he said, are fabricated from 37.5™ polyester-cotton blended Pique knit, which accords them a remarkably comfortable yet sturdy character.

“It’s a wash-and-wear fabric,” he explained. “You toss your P-40 Urban tee or polo into the washing machine, hang it up to dry overnight, and put it on wrinkle-free in the morning – no ironing necessary. And thanks to the 37.5™ technology, the fabric is the fastest drying of its kind ever.”

Wagner added that the fabric boasts excellent odor-control properties and provides enhanced protection against UV rays.

The UF PRO® Urban shirts, jacket and pants caused quite a stir among show-goers earlier this year at the IWA OutdoorClassics international trade show held in Nuremberg, Germany, where the full line debuted, Wagner indicated.

“Until Urban came along, it used to be that your options in an urban jungle were limited to tactical clothing that emphasized function at the expense of fashion, or the opposite,” he said. “The Urban line gives you both without sacrificing either – full technical functionality and attractive styling.”

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