Spotter Up was fortunate to review some high quality gear from TUFF Products recently, including the SCE CARB which is a low-profile carbine case, capable of carrying at least two full size ARs broken down, or compact rifles loaded and ready to rock.

High-Quality, Low-Visibility

Gun owners and bags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Everyone needs to carry their guns in something, and the most common and affordable options all tend to advertise pretty strongly that they contain guns within them, and half of them are cheap construction with no real attention to human ergonomics or durability in the design. I have some nice, simple, plain looking pistol cases i picked up at the local gun show, but every long gun or carbine carrying case i have is either covered in mag pouches, buckles or molle webbing, and comes in tactical colors like desert tan, OD green or camouflage patterns. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes its nice to walk from your house to your car without advertising you have an AR-15 in your bag. Finding a carbine case that blends high quality construction and smart designs with a low-profile, low-visibility aesthetic is not really an easy task. Well feast your eyes on this new product from TUFF.

The SCE CARB, designed with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts is a high quality carbine bag which will protect your carbines while allowing you to carry them easily without drawing unwanted attention. The bags are sturdy construction and relatively innocuous in their aesthetics. Size, shape and available colors all are more reminiscent of a DJ carrying audio equipment than a gun enthusiast or law enforcement.

Here are the details from the TUFF Products website:

  • Designed with a  removable “Lid” to cover the firearm when you don’t want people to see what you have . Or if you want to carry multiples you can use it as a divider.
  • The CARB has an Overall Length of 25.5″ and 11.5″ width.
  • The Thickness ranges from 3″-6″ with a built in Zippered Extension.
  • The Back has a Zippered pouch with 2 removable Straps for Back Pack Carry. They are easily attached and detached with the TUFF Hooks.
  • You will also get 5 Velcro Fastening attachments to allow you to secure the firearm to your bag. They are adjustable length, and can be trimmed to fit your specific gun.
  • The Front Zippered Pouch allows you to carry additional magazines. Inside the pouch you will see 2 Velcro Elastic AR and Pistol Mag Holders.
  • Along the entire length of the bag there is also a Zippered pouch in the interior for paperwork and targets as well as other items.
  • The CARB is Currently available in 9 Non Tactical  Colors: Burnt Orange, Black, Ranger Green, Teal, Olive Drab, Navy Blue, Red, Purple and Coal Gray and Sand Tan!
comfortable and adjustable backpack straps easily disappear into a zippered pocket when you don’t need them
a 7.5″ barrel AR or AR/AK pistol will fit easily in the case.
the padded divider is removable if you don’t need it, but it allows you to easily carry two guns comfortably. The velcro straps keep the guns in place and are VERY sticky. The hook and loop material used in this bag is some of the best I’ve ever seen.
the front pocket has four removable elastic mag pouches allowing you to configure the bag however you like. The entirety of the interior of the bag is hook and loop.
quality elastic mag pouches, with quality hook and loop backing so you can stick em anywhere you need.
overall construction, materials and design is top notch on this bag. The backpack straps are patent-pending TUFF designs that allow you to easily remove them when you don’t need them.

stitching, carry handles and zippers are on par with the quality of the rest of the bag. Zippers also have a locking notch if needed.

the backpack straps have a nice amount of cushion that works well for the load bearing of this particular bags ergonomics, while still keeping them low profile enough to pack into the zippered pocket and not be bulky.
a 10.5″ barrel SBR fits easily into the bag once broken down. If you have a PDW stock or folding stock you will likely be able to fit the gun intact.
the inside of the bag is entirely high quality hook and loop and thickly padded. The bag just oozes quality and smart design. The velcro straps that are included stick to each other with vigor, and have a stronger nylon base loop that keeps them adhered to their place in the bag.
strong hook and loop wall-to-wall
comfortably carried on the back with two 16″ ARs and four loaded magazines
two carry handles make the bag easy to grab with confidence when fully loaded up
two full sized ARs with ammo, very low-profile on my back. Cant even tell its there from the front.
the CARB, stacked on top of my range-cart, actually can serve to hide the fact that I’m carrying guns and ammo.
two full sized ARs, broken down easily fit in this bag. I didn’t even have to use the expansion zipper.
16″ AR upper with HIPERFIRE muzzle brake fits like a glove. Another 16″ AR in the bottom half below the divider.
Its a damn good looking bag too.
actually impressed both of those guns came with me in that bag.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Oh boy i love this bag. I don’t normally get super excited about bags but the quality of the materials, construction and most importantly the thought that went in the design of this bag are worth getting excited about. The bag costs $150 direct from TUFF and i believe they make them to order, so pick your color and go get one. Yes its more expensive but when i compare this bag to the crappy $50 double rifle case i have, this one is easily three times better at least. This bag blows every other rifle carrying case i have out of the water and when i put it on my backseat, its nice to know that it doesn’t scream “i have a gun” at first glance. Finally, if you haven’t tried any TUFF Products yet, i highly recommend them for your firearms and shooting kit needs, they make very fine high-quality products and they are also really good people.

Cost: 5
Comfort (if applicable): 5
Durability: 5
Functionality: 5
Weight: 5
Overall Rating: 5/5

The scale is defined as:

Poor/unacceptable (1): Worse than expected, or desirable; of a low or inferior standard or quality.
Fair (2): In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors is may be deficient
Average (3): Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.
Good (4): The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item
Excellent (5): Outstanding, possesses superior quality; remarkably good

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Material Disclosure

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