January 17, 2021

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To Love Like Giants

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For me, the hardest part about getting out, or coming home to garrison, or anything else outside of being deployed or even in. Was the men, the most cliche played out statement. β€œThose to your left and right” β€œfor those I love I will sacrifice” all these are inherently true.

Getting out though, giving that loyalty to someone is absolutely terrifying. I know I am not alone, but when you open up to someone for the first time and then have that intimacy be betrayed. Man I cannot remember something that messed me up more than even things from deployments. It’s like a complete betrayal of the soul. Why guys/girls write off girls/guys and love forever…

The irony is some of the guys you deploy with or serve with are not even good people, sometimes they are just scum bags, just because you hold a title whether military, cop, fireman, etc. doesn’t mean they are automatically a good person.

But what is it that makes you vouch for them as your brother or sister? It’s Loyalty; loyalty unto death. It’s why there is such a moral dilemma when husbands and wives argue about their friends, β€œthat guy’s a scum bag,” β€œNo he’s not, he’s my brother.” Because in the thick of it, morality, values, who a person is, is absolutely void compared to their willingness to die with you.

I can say I walked with giants, it’s what makes America set apart. To put aside all that you are, your life, for the one next to you. That sense of confidence and the feeling you get from knowing without hesitation you will not be alone to face your battles or whatever, without judgement, to have that taken from you when you get back or get out, is devastating.

We must realize what that feeling is, is love, true unconditional love. We should pursue that in every aspect of our life, to treat everyone we meet with that mentality of acceptance of where they are in life or who they are, in contrast to death is arbitrary. It’s that unconditional love and acceptance that molds men, through tough love and accountability, speak truth and without hesitation. Iron sharpens iron and truth brings forth honorable men.

To be giants we must love like giants.

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