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Thyrm SwitchBack 2.0 Flashlight Ring

Thyrm® LLC is a family-run business founded by Andrew Frazier to create innovative products for tactical and wilderness applications. The company is named after the giant Thyrm, King of the Jötnar, who Norse mythology tells us stole Mjölnir, the hammer of the thunder god Thor and the symbol of his power.

Thyrm SwitchBack

The company’s first and signature product was the SwitchBack® Flashlight Ring. Thyrm introduced the original SwitchBack back in 2014. Developed in collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus LLC, the SwitchBack provides a unique integrated ring to enhance flashlight manipulation and control.

The SwitchBack mounts securely between the body and the tail-cap of the flashlight. The large finger ring is designed to facilitate deployment, retention and shooting. It offers unique capabilities not found in any other flashlight ring

The SwitchBack is made of rigid, heavy-duty polymer, and mounts securely between the body and the tail-cap of your tactical flashlight. It’s equipped with a large finger ring that’s designed to facilitate deployment, retention and shooting.

So what’s so unique about a flashlight ring, you may be asking. Well, although flashlight retention rings are by no means a new concept, the patented SwitchBack provides unique capabilities not found in any other retention ring.

Although the SwitchBack may be used with all flashlight techniques, such as the Harries, Neck Index and Modified FBI, it’s the only flashlight retention ring on the market that allows you to shoot using a natural two-handed grip by using the SwitchBack Technique.

To use the SwitchBack Technique, you simply flip the flashlight on its ring and grip your handgun as you would normally with two hands. To activate the flashlight you simply press on the small thumb rest on the Switchback ring with the thumb of your flashlight/support hand, which it turm pushes the tail-cap pushbutton switch against the back of your hand. It’s simple and intuitive.

There are other pluses to the Switchback too. The rigid ring also provides fast, reliable indexing and deployment of your flashlight from a pocket or pouch. It also allows you to maintain retention and control of the flashlight when performing other tasks, such as reloading and malfunction clearance.

The applications clearly extend beyond just tactical. The SwitchBack an invaluable accessory for any activity where fast deployment and retention of a flashlight is important. And this includes most activities in which a flashlight may be used.

Although it may be used with other flashlight techniques, the Thyrm SwitchBack features a unique patented design that allows you to shoot using a natural two-handed grip by using the SwitchBack Technique.

The original SwitchBack comes in two models: the SwitchBack Large that fits numerous flashlights with a one-inch body and the SwitchBack S Backup that fits the latest SureFire® “EDC” models while remaining compatible with most Surefire E-Series legacy Backup® flashlights. Thrym has a flashlight compatibility chart on its website.

The SwitchBack Large model features a pocket clip. The SwitchBack S Backup mode4l doesn’t have a clip since SureFire E-Series flashlights have an integral pocket clip. The SwitchBack isn’t compatible with shrouded tail-caps. Also, the E1B Backup MaxVision® comes with a shorter tail-cap, so that this flashlight cannot be activated with the knuckle in the SwitchBack Technique.

The original SwitchBack models are available in urban grey, black, and tan. MSRP for the original large ring $17.99. The Backup models are $19.99. Its an outstanding product.

Thyrm SwitchBack 2.0

The SwitchBack 2.0 is the most recent evolution in the Thyrm SwitchBack Flashlight Ring product line. Although it has been available for several years, many readers may be unfamiliar with it.

The rigid ring on the Thyrm SwitchBack allows fast, reliable indexing and deployment of the flashlight from a pocket or pouch.

The SwitchBack 2.0 takes a great product and makes it even better. Currently available only for one-inch bodied flashlights, the SwitchBack 2.0 incorporates additional features and refinements that are the result of thousands of hours of use by Thyrm’s subject matter experts and customers.

The improvements on the SwitchBack 2.0 include:

• A finger ring that releases under heavy force/torque, but can be reset.

• A stronger pocket clip that also works with MOLLE/PALS webbing.

• A pocket clip position that allows for slightly deeper carry than the SwitchBack Large (original)

• A tubular portion that is cut lower to allow grip on both sides of the tail-cap during installation.

• A wider thumb rest with traction features.

• Small crush ribs on the SwitchBack 2.0’s lip that create a custom fit across a broader range of lights.

• An aluminum spacer that expands compatibility to Streamlight® HL and HL-X flashlights and other manufacturers with similar designs. You simply place it in between the body and tail-cap when replacing batteries.

Summing Up

To sum it all up, the SwitchBack 2.0 is an outstanding product. I have it on my one-inch body tactical flashlights and highly recommend it. There aren’t any downsides to it.

The Thyrm SwitchBack 2.0 Large Flashlight Ring is available in urban grey, black, and tan. MSRP is only $19.99. All Thyrm products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Photos courtesy Thyrm.



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