March 1, 2021

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The New SureFire Stiletto Pro — Cutting Edge EDC Flashlight

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SureFire Stiletto Pro Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight

For over four decades, SureFire® (originally Laser Products Corporation) has been the world leader in tactical and task-oriented illumination technology. The SureFire revolution continues with the new Stiletto® Pro Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight. It’s an outstanding new addition to the SureFire lineup.

SureFire Stiletto Pro

The Stiletto Pro takes the performance of SureFire’s original Stiletto to the next level, while retaining the key features and revolutionary futuristic (and practical) form factor of the original that have made it a top seller.

Not only does it look as if it were straight out of Star Trek®, it has the performance to match. Some have aptly referred to the Stiletto Pro as the Stiletto on steroids. One can’t help but wonder how SureFire packed so much performance into such a pint-sized flashlight.

Don’t let its tiny size fool you. The Stiletto Pro has 1,000 lumens of white light max output.  The Stletto Pro may be small, but its a versatile beast.

Utilizing a high-performance Cree® LED and a new proprietary, CNC-machined, faceted MaxVision Beam® reflector, the Stiletto Pro provides 1,000 lumens of smooth that white light in High output mode. In contrast, the original Stiletto has a max output of 650 lumens.

Light output is important and is a great comparison tool. However, it’s only part of the brightness equation. Beam intensity, distance and type all need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of a light in different applications.

The increased output of the SureFire Pro combined with the new reflector and slightly larger diameter bezel translates to a 233% increase in candela, which equates to an 82% increase in distance performance.

The Stiletto Pro also offers the added versatility of a 300-lumen Medium output and a 25-lumen Low output to suit a variety of tasks. All performance claims were tested in accordance with the ANSI/PLATO FL1-2019 Standard.

The MaxVision Beam is a hybrid flood designed to provide throw as far as you need for personal defense while providing a “wall of light” for maximum peripheral illumination for situational awareness. It’s well suited to urban applications. The beam is smooth and free of imperfections.

Although both have the MaxVision Beam, the SureFire Pro has a tighter more defined central hotspot and more defined edge due to the differing reflectors. In addition to increased throw, on High it’s more blinding to a potential assailant than the original Stiletto, which is great for personal defense.  

On High, the Stiletto Pro has a 142 meter peak beam distance, measured per ANSI/NEMA-FL1 Standard. For purposes of comparison, the original Stiletto has a 78 meter beam distance on High. The difference in illumination is substantial and greatly enhances the flashlight’s capabilities.

The High output mode is preferred for tactical applications or where identification of objects at a distance is needed. The Low output mode is suited for a task light, reading maps or taking notes or as a navigation light. The Low mode also greatly extends the run time.

The Stiletto Pro features the same well-thought-out controls as the original Stiletto. The only change is that the switches are now slightly recessed in a raised surrounding ridge to lessen the likelihood of inadvertent activation.

SureFire’s trademark dependable switching adds the versatility of the Stiletto Pro. The Stiletto Pro features the same three switches / controls (Programming Switch, Primary Switch and Tactical Tail Switch) as on the original Stiletto. And that’s a very good thing. They’re very well thought out.

The controls are simple and foolproof under even the most stressful situations. The rubberized switch buttons feature a tactile design for easy identification by feel alone. The only change is that the switches are now slightly recessed in a raised surrounding ridge to lessen the likelihood of inadvertent activation. They’re still easy to intentionally operate.

The Primary Switch can be programmed to set the output sequence from Low to High or vice versa via the Programming Switch that’s to the left of the Primary Switch, while the Tactical Tail Switch always accesses High output or an optional nine Hertz disorienting strobe feature. 

The Primary Switch is repeatedly pressed within two seconds to cycle between output levels. If the Primary Switch hasn’t been pressed within two seconds, the next press will turn it off. The Primary Switch doesn’t remember the last output level and will always start the cycle over each time.

The Tactical Tail Switch can be programmed either to function as a constant on/off switch or as a momentary switch that turns off when the switch is released. In the momentary mode, simply rapidly press the Tactical Tail Switch three times and hold to activate the strobe feature.

Although strobes have been the subject of much controversy and considered little more than a gimmick by some, strobing can be a useful tool. Strobing is typically employed when closing gaps, to disorientate and confuse threats, channel the route of a subject, or to gain attention. It’s a great option to have.

The Tactical Tail Switch always accesses high output or, when in in momentary-on switching mode, it can also access an optional strobe feature.

Although most users will probably want to stick with the factory default settings, reprogramming the Stiletto Pro is easy and takes only seconds. To reprogram you press and hold the Programming Switch down. After two to five seconds, the Fuel Gauge LED will turn blue. While continuing to hold the Programming Switch down, intermediately press and release either the Primary or Tactical Tail Switch while the light is blue. The Fuel Gauge will blink green three times to indicate the setting has been successfully changed or blinks red three times if there was an error. The Programming Switch is also used to activate an emergency signalling medium frequency Medium output strobe by simply holding it down for five seconds or more.

The Stiletto Pro is also features a Lockout Mode. To enable the Lockout Mode, simply press and hold the Primary and Tactical Tail Switch simultaneously for two seconds. The Fuel Gage LED will blink green two times to confirm the Lockout Mode is enable. To disable the Lockout Mode, press the Primary and Tactical Tail Switch simultaneously then release. The flashlight is then ready for use.

The Stiletto Pro has digitally regulated output. Digitally regulated output means that there’s a microprocessor attached to the LED that controls the output and runtime in relation to the battery life. Run time on High is one hour. Run times on Medium and Low are 1.5 hours and 23.5 hours, respectively.

All SureFire LED illumination tools are also thermally regulated to keep the LED junction temperature below the recommended limit. When run continuously on high mode, the Stiletto Pro maintains its initial level of output for only a couple of minutes and then begins a decline until it drops out of regulation.

That being said, the “HOT SURFACE” warning on the head of the Stiletto Pro is no joke. The flashlight head gets quite hot fairly quickly on High.

The Stiletto Pro has a integral rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It’s charged via a Micro USB por. A Micro-USB to USB charging cable is included.. A LED “Fuel Gauge”on the flashlight  indicates battery status at a glance.

Power for the Stiletto Pro is provided by an integral rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Although the battery isn’t user-replaceable, if you ever have any issues, SureFire can replace the battery for you.

While I prefer the use of primary (disposable) lithium batteries for mission critical tactical applications, the use of a rechargeable battery is environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of operation. If a flashlight will see frequent, heavy use, rechargeable batteries will provide considerable cost savings. And for an EDC flashlight that’s an important consideration.

It’s really not an either or proposition. It’s always a good idea to carry two flashlights. I like a powerful multi-output rechargeable lithium polymer battery flashlight that’s easy to carry for primary duty / heavy use and a small powerful flashlight with lithium disposable batteries for use as a backup. As is so often said, two is one and one is none.

The Stiletto Pro features an intuitive green, yellow, red and blinking red LED “Fuel Gauge” that allows easy tracking of battery charge/discharge status. You’ll never be caught in the dark.

The Stiletto Pro is easily charged via its Micro USB port. The Micro USB port is equipped with a flip-open rubber cover plug to prevent the ingress of water and/or debris. A Micro USB to USB charging cable is included with the flashlight. You can conveniently use your laptop USB port, cell phone USB power adaptor, portable charger or power pack to charge the battery. Charging a fully depleted battery can take three hours. 

Size and weight definitely do matter when it comes to everyday carry (EDC). If it’s not convenient and comfortable to carry, you likely won’t have it with you when you need it. The Stiletto Pro excels here.

The Stiletto Pro has excellent ergonomics. It feels good in the hand.

The Stiletto Pro is only a tad larger and heavier than the original Stiletto. The difference in size is so slight that you’ll hardly notice it, even when the two are placed side-by-side. In a side-by-side comparison you will notice the weight difference, albeit slight, but it comes with an increase in durability.

The Stiletto Pro measures 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) in length and has a 0.87-inch (2.21 cm) diameter bezel. It weighs 4.0 ounces (113.4 g) with batteries. The original Stiletto is 4.45 inches (11.3 cm) long and has a 0.8-inch (2.03 cm) diameter bezel. It weighs 2.8 ounces (79.38 g).

The compact size and light weight of the Stiletto Pro, coupled with its sleek, cutting-edge flatter but wider (than traditional “tube” flashlights) form factor, makes it the perfect flashlight for EDC. As SureFire so correctly states, it fits comfortably in any pocket and, can be drawn like a knife and activated with ease.

The ergonomics of a flashlight are an important consideration. A tactical flashlight should be comfortable, easy to hold, and provide a good grip. Here too the Stiletto Pro shines (no pun intended). It has enough of a footprint to comfortably grasp and employ in tactical situations. The body of the Stiletto Pro features deep grooves on the sides for a more secure grip. The Stiletto Pro feels good in the hand and works well for use in conjunction with a firearm. 

The Stiletto Pro features a rugged aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum body and head.  It has a mil-spec (MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2) hard coat anodized finish. The heavy-duty aluminum housing can be employed as an expedient impact weapon or fist load. The original Stiletto has a lightweight polymer body with a mil-spec hard anodized aluminum head. 

The flashlight is O-ring sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. It has an impact and heat-resistant tempered, coated borosilicate glass window. The Stiletto Pro passes IPX7 water resistance testing to one meter for 30 minutes,

The Stiletto Pro features a robust reversible pocket clip. The clip may be mounted for bezel-up or bezel-down carry, depending on personal preference.

The Stiletto Pro features a robust Melonite®-coated, reversible heavy-duty spring-tempered stainless steel pocket clip keeps the light secure. Melonite is a proprietary name for a ferritic nitocarburizing anti-corrosive case-hardening process. It significantly strengthens the surfaces.

The pocket clip on the SureFire Pro can be positioned for bezel-up or bezel-down carry. It’s a great option to have. You can set up however you want based on your personal preference. The Stiletto Pro comes with a T8 Torx® wrench for this pocket clip relocation. The pocket clip on the original Stiletto isn’t reversible and allows for bezel-up carry only.

The Stiletto Pro comes with the pocket clip mounted for bezel-up carry in a pocket, purse, or pack. The design and bezel-up orientation of the pocket clip also allow the Stiletto Pro to be securely clipped to a hat brim for use as a headlamp. It can also be clipped to a belt or pants for either OWB or IWB/AIWB carry. 

The workmanship on the Stiletto Pro that I received is outstanding, as is to be expected with any SureFire product. Teams around the globe trust their lives to Surefire. And for good reason.

SureFire has been granted ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management systems.

To Sum Up

To sum it all up, the Stiletto Pro is truly in a class of its own. It’s the perfect flashlight for EDC. It’s exceptionally versatile. As with all SureFire products, the Stiletto Pro is designed and made in the USA. It’s backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee. MSRP is $229.00.

SureFire Stiletto Pro

Manufacturer: SureFire, LLC
Model: PLR-B
Bezel Diameter: 0.87 in. (2.21 cm)
Length: 4.5 in.(11.43 cm)
Weight w/Batteries: 4.0 oz.(113.4 g)
Batteries: Lithium Polymer Rechargeable (Integrated)
Output High White: 1,000 lumens
Peak Throw: 142 m
Runtime High White: 1 hour
Output Medium White: 300 lumens
Runtime Medium White: 1.5 hours
Output Low White: 25 lumens
Runtime Low White: 23.5 hours
Additional Features: MaxVision, Multiple Output, Multiple Switching, Strobe, Fuel Gauge, Micro USB Charging (Cable Included)
Water Resistance: IPX7 (1 m for 30 minutes)
Origin: USA
Warranty: Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee (Rechargeable Battery Two Year Warranty)
MSRP: $229.00

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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