After lengthy and intensive research into outdoor consumer needs, combined with integrated development between footwear and ski boots, Tecnica introduces Forge, a new collection of trekking boots that combines a precise anatomical fit right out-of-the box with effective customization capabilities. Featuring a technology new to footwear, Custom Adaptive Shape or C.A.S. (first used in Tecnica’s alpine ski boots), Forge offers a fully customizable, personalized fit that can be achieved in only 20 minutes at selected specialty retailers.

Using a revolutionary 360° fit concept, Forge is fully pre-shaped around Tecnica’s proprietary anatomical lastdeveloped from over 55 years of experience in crafting Italian outdoor and work shoes. For most, the out-of-the box fit will feel like a second skin but given that no two feet are alike, creating the “perfect last” for all is next to impossible. C.A.S. Technology solves various fit issues quickly and easily. Specialty retailers will be able to, within 20 minutes, completely customize the shoes to create The first shoe shaped for you.

C.A.S. features a thermo-formable material in the key comfort and foot-hold areas: the heel, the arch and the ankles as well as a fully thermo-formable footbed for custom instep and arch support. The process uses a patent-pending, custom designed system that heats and compresses the boots to form to each foot.

Forge is just the beginning, and all future Tecnica Outdoor products will continue to be created around three key pillars:


Anatomically designed for a great out-of-the box fit with the ability to easily customize and create “Shoes Shaped For You”


Progressively designed footwear that allows you to do a variety of activities in any terrain or conditions. Forge will be delivered exclusively to select specialty outdoor retailers in February 2018


An approach combining an extremely clean, modern and beautiful style with performance and versatility to allow a range of usage.

They offer trail running, hiking, trekking and much more for you. Check them out!

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