June 23, 2021

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Triple Aught Design – Covert RS Pant

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For a long time I struggled to find a good pair of pants for mixed situations. I wanted them to be smart enough to be worn around the office, but also to have a capability to withstand rugged use as well. I have been following the Triple Aught Design for a long time and I have always loved the look of their products; the design and the feeling of discreet professionalism their apparel brings about.

So when I got rid of the student budget and started earning some real money, I thought that I would treat myself with a TAD gear product and I settled my mind on pair of Covert RS pants in Battleship grey. But first, a little introduction to the manufacturer (like any is really needed!).


Triple Aught Design is a San Francisco based gear manufacturer and has been kind of the hipster name of tactical and outdoor gear for many years now. Their gear has been seen on the battlefields of the world, as well as on the streets of big cities and in the forests and deserts. There are some who swear on their name, and I have to say that I am not far from being one of those “TAD is life” persons.

One of my two TAD Field caps. Part of my ever-growing TAD collection.

They know that their products are used in many a demanding environments, so they take the safety of their customers very seriously in the quality and dependability of their apparel and their equipment. TAD says that the varying topography of California is all the inspiration they need to make the rugged, yet stylish designs. They source most of their materials from the US and most of the manufacturing is done in States as well.

Triple aught, or 000, means the thousandth of an inch, a measure used by machinists and engineers for a standard of precision. TAD has taken this standard and uses it to measure the quality of their products. How awesome is that?

The Pants

The following information is straight from Triple Aught Design website, taken from the Covert RS Pant description to give you the full details of what the pants are like and what the specs are.

  • Standard Fit
  • Straight Leg
  • 52/48 Nylon Cotton (NYCO) Ripstop (6.5 oz) with DWR Treatment
Patterning & Construction
  • Reinforced Knees
  • Reinforced Heel Hem
  • Back Yoke
  • Gusseted Crotch
  • Triple and Double Needle Top Stitching
Pocket Configuration
  • Two Front Welt Pockets
  • Two Hand Pockets with Coin Pocket
  • Two Low Thigh Patch Pockets
  • Two Rear Welt Pockets
  • Two Hidden Interior Rear Passport Pockets
Fly Configuration
  • Canadian Tape Button Fly Closure
Waist & Belt Configuration
  • 1.00” Width Belt Loops with D-Rings Above Welt Pockets
Hem Configuration
  • Hemmed in 30”, 32” & 34” Inseams
Made in the USA
  • Unrestricted Movement:

    A gusseted crotch provides freedom of motion while the back-yoke enhances fit and eases movement.

  • Ruggedness:

    Bar tack reinforcements at critical stress points and triple needle stitching on the in- and outseam increase durability.

  • Reinforced:

    In addition to the typical TAD reinforcements found at the pocket and knees, are incorporated protection at the pant cuff to reduce wear.

  • Accessibility:

    Ten total pockets including an outer thigh pocket to quickly stash your smartphone, radio, tools or 30rd AR-type magazine.

  • Easy Repairs:

    A button fly features our signature slotted buttons that slide quickly onto the webbing for quick self-repair.

Personal experience

The RS stands for ripstop fabric, which in this case is TAD’s own 52/48 nylon cotton mix with a really good DWR treatment. The reinforced spots in the knees and heel, makes sure that if you happen to scuff or scrape onto something you still have your skin covered. Most stitching in the pants are double or triple, so the pants will not rip from any seam in any high activity situation or when the pants get stretched to the max.

And the carry capacity is quite surprising! There are two front welt pockets for small items or even a phone, two hand pockets with coin pockets inside them to help you keep organised, two long thigh back pockets which easily hold a phone, knife or even a AR magazine.

There are two larger welt pockets on the rear and two hidden passport pockets inside on the rear also. Add the two D rings on the front above the front welt pockets and you have got an organizers heaven in these pants and more than enough space for all your Every Day Carry (EDC) items.

And all this capacity and capability comes in a very covert and sleek package, as the name suggests too. Although, I think you can never be too discreet in ripstop, there is always going to be a subtle hint of “army” around that material, the Covert pants really succeed in being a very capable everyday pant. Well maybe not in multicam, but at least the Battleship gray is nicely down to earth colour, like many of the one-tone colours of TAD.

I just love these pants! They are practical in so many situations. I have hiked in them, taken the dog out almost every day in them, I have worn them on the shooting range, I have cycled in them (although the cuff is quite large so it tends to get snatched in the chain), I have worn them to the office and I have had a fun night out downtown with the pals in them. The pants are quite lightweight, they breathe nicely too and are loose enough to give you freedom of movement in most every situation.

I have actually worn them so much that I have been afraid that the fabric would start to come apart already after the odd eight months I have had them, but no! They have held together like a charm, with only a slight fading in the colour on the knees. However the DWR treatment seems to have mostly gone as well after several washes. The DWR should be replenished if you wants the pants to continue to fend off moisture. Odd enough, TAD does not include or provide any tips on taking care of the DWR treatment, but this should be an easy task with a good water repellent aerosol or spray for fabrics.

The Cover RS pants cost a 109 dollars on the Triple Aught Design website, which seems to be quite a lot of money. Although it is quite hard to say for a European like myself how the price seems to a citizen of the US, because in Finland these go for 159€ a pair, which some might consider to be too much, but in my opinion it is not unbearable for such a capable and multi-functional pair of pants.

So to sum it all up, if you are looking for a pair of pants to fill multiple roles that will last through several years, do not seek further! Get yourself a pair of Covert RS pants and quick! God knows these will not be my only pair of these pants, no sir.

-Noble from the Noble and Blue -blog

Functionality: 5/5
Weight: 4/5
Durability: 5/5
Cost: 3/5
Comfort: 4/5
Overall: 21/25

Disclosure of Material Connection: I purchased the TAD Covert RS pants with my own funds from a Finnish retailer for my own use. I was not required to write a positive review by any party. The opinions I have expressed are my own entirely.

This review was first published in the Noble & Blue. Noble & Blue is a small Finnish outdoor and tactical gear reviewing blog, that also shares stories of learning and adventure. Click here to know more about Noble & Blue

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