January 16, 2022

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Tactacam Long Range Shooter Package with Film Through Scope Module

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I like taking pics through magnified optics, but I hate trying to hold the camera steady behind the lens. Taking still shots is tough enough, but grabbing video can be impossible, especially with optics like riflescopes with a tight eye-box. Enter Tactacam’s Long Range Shooter Package with their FTS or “Film Through Scope” module:


The Tactacam Long Range Shooter Package comes with the Tactacam unit and charging cable, “Film Through Scope” module, plastic adapter rings to accommodate a variety of scope eyepieces, and basic instruction manual.

The Film Through Scope module allows the user to view through an optic to aim and shoot. It simultaneously records to a micro SD card or broadcasts to a device via Wi-Fi.   Thus equipped, this enables the shooter to film a hunt, a match, or a training through the optic. As an instructor, I appreciate the ability to use this to see what a student sees while making a shot. I also like being able to use it to demonstrate what I am seeing by broadcasting to an iPad.

The FTS module uses one of the plastic adapters to slide over a scope’s eyepiece and tighten down, the Tactacam unit then slides in. It’s best to mount and align the unit while connected to a Wi-Fi device so you can see what the camera sees while you align the unit.  The FTS unit can be mounted with the camera on either side of the scope to accommodate left- or right-handed shooters.  The camera may block power-ring levers on variable power scopes.  Also, optics where the whole eyepiece is rotated to adjust magnification (e.g. Nightforce ATACR) requires removal and remounting of the unit if the magnification is to be adjusted.

The Tactacam needs to have a micro SD card installed to work properly.  I recommend using dedicated SD cards.  The camera can be used with or without being connected via Wi-Fi to a device, the power and mode buttons indicate whether the camera is recording and the various record modes.  Users can select the camera resolution and “frames per second.”

In the Field

I took the opportunity to try the Tactacam with FTS module on several optics including Vortex, Nightforce, Kahles, Trijicon, and Minox.  The Tactacam worked best with Vortex optics, although some optics with shorter eye-relief, Kahles in particular, don’t give a full edge-to-edge image. It was still usable, just didn’t give the scope’s full field of view.  Regardless of the optic, the focus ring may also need to be adjusted from its normal position to give a clear image of the reticle.

Precision Pest Control? Nah… this little fellow wasn’t hurting anything and despite meat shortages I haven’t resorted to eating chipmunk yet. He did make a cooperative subject for testing the Tactacam and FTS module’s abilities on this Vortex Diamondback FFP optic though.


Customer Service: 5 out of 5  The folks at Tactacam were extremely helpful and responsive to my questions.

User Friendliness: 4 out of 5 It took a little bit of experimentation to really get the hang of the unit.   It’s pretty simple but there’s no ability to make adjustments.   I really would have liked to have the ability to adjust the prism angle on the FTS unit.   Eye relief adjustment is also somewhat limited.  Optics with short eye-relief are less than optimal on this unit.  The app is nice, fairly intuitive, and can work with multiple Tactacams.  Broadcasting does eat up camera battery life somewhat quickly.

Clarity and Resolution: 5 out of 5 The Tactacam allows for adjusting the frames per second as well as the resolution (up to Ultra 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at 120 fps).  The image stabilization helps smooth out some of the shakiness in action shots, but it’s best to turn that feature off when using the FTS.

Versatility: 5 out of 5 The Tactacam has a number of applications and the FTS module is something that I find particularly useful as a precision rifle instructor and optics reviewer.

Value: 4 out of 5 The website price for the Tactacam’s long range shooter package is just over $500.  You get what you pay for… this isn’t just another cheap microcamera, the Tactacam is a high-quality unit but that quality has a cost.

OVERALL RATING: 23/25 = 92% Excellent Product

Tactacam’s Long Range Shooter Package is a great tool for the PRS competitor, long-range hunter, and rifle instructor or student.  If you aren’t great at calling your shots or if you are a little lazy with your data book, the Tactacam can be a significant aid.  The ability to remote control multiple Tactacams with the remote control module (sold separately) or via the app is a useful feature.   The Tactacam FTS module is a must for shooters who like to have through-the-scope images or videos.


Material Disclosure

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  1. I just got one myself and starting to figure it out.. I knew it wasn’t perfect but so far I do like what it can offer. Agree for teaching precision shooting and optics review it is a great tool to use. Hoping to use it for some hunting soon as well another benefit. I got a steel on mine and found it for little over $350 searching around for it online and snagged it then, it was on my list of maybe buys and eyeballed for it from time to time. The battery life could be better but I bought an extra battery to have a charged up back up at all times. Price for what it can do is pretty good, curious to try to see how she might work finagled up to a spotting scope too. Thanks for your review Michael!

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