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Trying to figure out what is the best ammuntion for your handgun or rifle can be overwhelming. There are so many choices on the market. Going into a gun store means you’re going to look at row after row of boxes and try to figure out what is best. Some boxes are marked with high prices and some are marked low. Are the bargain-basement boxes the best to purchase? If you’re not experienced with ammo then it’s going to be tricky for you. Even reading an online evaluation before you buy might confuse you. Lots of guys who shoot don’t know much about ammo. They just know they like to shoot.

So, where do you start? What company do you order from? Many times finding a good company comes by word of mouth. Your buddy turns you onto a good company and word spreads. We all should want to buy from a reputable business. Buying from a good company ensures the order gets filled and arrives in a timely fashion. There are plently of ammo websites on the internet to purchase ammunition from. Why not make it T1?

T1’s website is easy to navigate and make your purchase. They can do small and large order fulfillment for you. Not only that, you want a company to ship you the product in good shape, nice and fast. Online ammo prices might be affordable but the shipping rates can kill you. This is not so for T1 ammo. Maybe you should take a look at them and have your questions answered. This is the place to go. Here at Spotter Up we like to spotlight veteran run businesses, particularly businesses run by service disabled veterans.

T1 Ammunition got there start by purchasing an existing ammunition factory in Sarasota Florida in May of 2013. Ammunition had been manufactured at that location since 1958. T1 is owned and operated by a Gary, a Marine, who happened to go into the Army and become a Ranger. Now that he’s out and running T1, Gary’s primary goal is to support law enforcement, training facilities, and commercial customers while remaining an excellent fully licensed and insured ammunition manufacturing service.

T1 has a full line-up and they provide their diverse product line in order to meet the demand of their customers. Gary has spent numerous days and hours developing T1 ammunition to provide the best solutions to the market. He has extensive experience with custom ammo production and will gladly provide a quotation for any customer specific requirements upon request.

T1 ammunition is loaded with quality components and loaded to SAAMI specifications. They only use NEW BRASS in their ammunition. Everything produced by T1 is hand inspected and chamber gauged prior to packaging.

Their motto is Train, Compete and Defend and they want to be the ammunition that allows you to do any of those with confidence. T1 Ammunition is a source for quality brass, powder and projectiles within the ammunition industry. They have established relationships within the industry that provides them with great pricing that can be passed on to their customers. The key to producing quality ammunition begins with quality components and ALL of our components meet strict quality control measures.

Their competition ammo is designed for use in the action shooting sports and great detail has gone into the development of these loads to meet power factor and performance needed in action shooting. Their loads are run through a chronograph using multiple handguns to identify the perfect combination of speed, power and accuracy.

The loads were considered for use in USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun and other action shooting sports where accuracy and reliability are paramount to being competitive. Their frangible ammo is the choice for many LE, Military, Training Groups and Shooters throughout the United States for its exceptional performance and effectiveness at providing a Lead Free, Reduced Hazard option. The ammunition is designed for use in Ranges as a Lead Free Option, Training or practice as a reduced hazard option and duty to prevent ricochet, and shoot through creating a reduction in collateral damage. Their frangible ammunition is manufactured to the same strict standards that you should expect from a good manufacturer of ammo; with dedication to providing quality, performance ammunition for all levels and uses.

Their personal defense ammo is designed to provide optimum performance when it is needed most in a personal defense situation when dependability, performance and effect on target matter most. As all ammunition manufactured by T1, they focus on quality control to ensure that customers are getting a product that can be depended on when lives matter.

Their target ammo is designed for use by all levels of shooters. The ammunition is used by LE and military for training and qualification as well as used by the recreational shooter as an economic option when at the range. This ammunition is manufactured using the same stringent standards and quality control as all of the ammunition produced by T1.

A few other cool things about T1:

FIRST TIME BUYERS get a 5% discount use coupon code. T1 also offers FIRST RESPONDER/MILITARY discount of 3% off with valid ID. Give them a try. We think you’ll like them.

Here’s some info on T1 Ammunition:

1226 Zacchini Ave
Sarasota, FL 34237

Telephone: 941.366.6794
M-F 9 to 5



By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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