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Sunday Inspiration: This is my Soul and I won’t Go Easy!

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A man proclaims,”I am a man!” To whom does he speak this? The woods, the rocks, the sky, the universe? He should know it in his bones and let the essence of it flow inside his veins. To state it aloud seems blasphemous. It seems too self conscious. It makes it seem as if he is small and yet in the scope of the bright stars piercing through the haunting blackness the reality is that he truly is small. Should a man need to remind himself of who he is?

Does a lion roar to remind himself of what he is, no, a lion roars to let others know what he is. In a world filled with paradoxes are men who desire to cut themselves free from what other men believe yet in turn will respect those who hold strongly to what they profess. Men will follow those who not only profess a truth but who truly live it.

Even as one man doubts, another not lacking in confidence will shout, “this is who I am! I am a man!” and inspire or weaken his brother. This is when he becomes big. Men, so oddly, can be strangers to another yet aligned. To the end of his days when darkness speaks to him a man must shout out to the vast universe “I am here! I am a man! Come and take me.” He is not solely saying words, he is saying, “this is my soul and in this arena I won’t go easy.” ~Michael Kurcina.

I never know if what I write is good. I write without being self conscious. I think that is the truest way to write. When it’s done I go back and read it and sometimes see that I’m pleased by what I created. Create. Create. Create

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