Dryfire practice has always been a crucial part of any firearms training. For many years, we dryfire practiced by aiming at a small target on the wall while focusing our sights on the target as we pressed the trigger. We haveused many training aids to help us draw more out of our dry firing practice sessions. I recently became acquainted with “Strikeman”, specifically, their “Strikeman Laser Firearms Training System.” I spent the following month practicing my dryfire sessions with the support of their system. The system included a target, target stand, laserfire cartridge w/batteries, and a tripod smartphone holder.

I would like to begin by applauding the quality packaging and setup of the two boxes I received, one withthe targets and tripod, the other with the laser cartridge and batteries. After unpacking and assembling all the pieces, I downloaded the Strikeman app. Once the app was opened, I was immediately directed to a helpful video on how to set up and use the system. It should be noted: I did not download the pro version, I stuck with the free basic version along with the 9mm laser cartridge. Strikeman has a wide array of cartridge choices, including 9mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .38 Special, .357 Sig, and .223/5.56.

Stikeman laser cartridge

There are many different sessions one can choose in the app, ranging from timed to number of shots. Here are the basics of how the system works: You will set up the target at a predetermined distance and align the tripod to hold the phone a few feet away so the camera on your phone is zoomed in and exclusively focused on the target. Next, you load the laser cartridge into the chamber. Every time you press the trigger, the firing pin will set off the laser. The phone’s camera will capture the laser’s impact with the target, thus recording every shot you take. Some things to keep in mind when setting up the phone’s camera is to ensure you will not be getting any disruptive lighting from sources such as televisions, or from sunlight entering a window, as rapid changes in lighting will record as shots. The light sensitivity settings on the app are very easy to adjust.

Target and laser cartridge

With everything set up and creating a 20yd distance from myself to the target, I started my first 10 shot session. The firearm I chose to use was my day to day carry and instructing handgun, a Zev Technologies OZ9C X-frame with Trijicon RMR. The first thing I noticed was the need to re-zero the RMR to match the impact of the laser cartridge. Once I was dialed in, I restarted my training session. I was able to instantly see that I was not creating a straight back trigger press, I was, instead, pushing the trigger and the whole firearm to the left. After recognizing the common mistake, I was able to self-correct and keep all impacts in the 10X ring. The system’s feedback is efficientand easy to follow, thus making the system a new staple to my practicing regime.

Over the last month, I have found myself with little time to fire a handgun on the range. Much of my timewas spent with classes I had scheduled for long range or carbine. I was also on the road attending conferences and shows. To make up for the lack of handgun range time, I practiced about 1hr an evening with the Strikeman Laser Firearms Training System while watching the news or other tv shows. The ability to keep track of all my shots impacts, time between shots, and percentage of X ring hits proved to be a massive asset, over dryfire practice on its own. The only noticeable inconveniences, with the system, is the need to manually cock/rack the slidebetween shots and the re-zeroing to the lasers impact vs. live round impacts.

Target after laser fire drill

In conclusion, it is my opinion that the Strikeman Laser Firearms Training System should become a permanent addition to anyone’s dryfiring practice program. Especially with the knowledge of how natural body mechanics affect shot placement. With an entry level of $99.00 plus shipping, and the Pro level starting at $199.00, anyone can get this setup and start improving their fundamentals. The Pro level will also let you compete against other shooters within the app. I have seen many different laser fire systems and I have personally practiced on a handful. With that, I can confidently say that Strikeman is, by far, one of the most beneficial systems I’ve had theopportunity to use. I intend to continue using the Strikeman Laser Firearms Training System far into the foreseeable future.


By Rob Lamm

Spent 4+ years in the United States Marine Corps. After the Marines he deployed as a OGA security contractor for 12 years. Rob now is the director of training for Tactic and Veterans Covert Protection Group. He spends most his time teaching civilians, military and law enforcement agencies basic and advanced handgun, carbine and long range weapons engagements.

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