May 27, 2022

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Overview: The STABILicers Run by STABILgear are a great product!  Simple design, easy to put on, they stay on, and the provide plenty of grip on both snow and ice without interrupting your natural running gait.  The run version uses screws in place of the sharper metal cleats you see on some other versions.  These screws are less cumbersome when you run, especially if you run out of ice for a short stretch, and are less likely to catch on and pick up debris.  They don’t dig into hard ice quite as well if you are just standing or walking but with the added force of a running gait they handle any winter conditions no problem!  A simple Velcro strap also ensures that these stay on your feet no matter how aggressive you get when you hit the winter trails to shred the gnar!

Tech Specs:  Full-sole coverage with cleats on heel and forefoot to maintain traction through your running stride

STABIL’s proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer combines the flexibility of rubber with the lightweight durability of plastic

Easy to put on and take off

Aggressive tread molded into Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) in the toe and sides for maximum surface contact and better overall traction

Long-wearing, heat-treated, steel cleats for performance season after season

Made in Maine, USA

Personal Review:  Love this product!  While it’s been cold in Virginia this winter there has been an unfortunate lack of precipitation and these have been sitting by my door waiting for a chance to tear up some winter trails.  One small snowfall early in the winter provided me a chance to see how well the handled some soft wet snow but it was ice I was really look to test these out on as that is what often makes the dirt roads and trails around my home un-runnable.

On that first test in the snow I was as impressed with how well these felt out of the snow as on.  In other models of grip devices I have tried, including the walk version from STABILgear my main problem was hitting rocks sticking up through the snow or a short stretch of road or trail where ice or snow had melted off and the spikes were very unstable feeling and not comfortable to run in at all.  With these they handled the snow every bit as well but still felt smooth on uncovered surfaces and did not pick up debris like previous pairs I have owned. Still I needed ice before I could pass true judgment on this piece of gear.

Finally with half the winter gone we had a day of freezing rain and slush followed immediately by a beautiful day of clear 26 degree weather.  As soon as I stepped out onto my street, which around a 20% gravel grade, and starting sliding towards the bottom a half mile away I knew it was time to strap on my STABILicers and go for a run.  I headed towards the top of my neighborhood where the ice would be even thicker crunching both bare and ice covered gravel with equal ease.

At the top of the neighborhood I hit some trails the follow a rock and was never uncomfortable in my footing.  I will note that while standing on glare ice covered rock these do not dig in as well as the walk version.  They do however manage just fine with a firm stomp and will handle anything while you are running.  After that I hit some steep descents and was pleased with how well they handled the ice as well as how firm they stayed on me feet.  A simple Velcro strap that you can attach ensures that you won’t lose your treads on an aggressive descent, something I have had issues with in previous pairs.

The next day I headed out for a couple hours of single track.  Almost the entire run was covered in hard thick ice with no snow underneath, trail that would truly have been un-runnable without spikes.  It was the most fun I have had this year.  With the aid of my STABIicers I bombed downhills, hammered switchbacks and clawed my way up some steep climbs with little to no slipping, not only getting out for a run on trails I couldn’t have run otherwise but also creating a completely different running experience.

Summary:  Excellent product and definitely worth the $49.95 price tag. Great grip on both snow and ice, not too heavy, spikes are not so aggressive that they impair your running ability, and they are durable enough to see you through many winters of happy running!

Grip 4/5

Weight 5/5
Durability 5/5
Fit 5/5
Ride 5/5
Total 19/20

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