March 1, 2021

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I’ve never been a big fan of goodies in a box because I believed they were gimmicky. You’ve seen them all over Instagram: Spartan Carton, BattleBox, Crate Club et al. I don’t think too much of other people picking gear out for me. I was stuck with the feeling that a box would arrive with some items I simply could not use despite what I paid for it. When I got the chance to review the Spartan Carton I was very interested. I wasn’t sure what items the company was sending me and I didn’t look online because I wanted to be surprised.

Spartan Carton works on the same premise that other carton clubs do. The thinking behind these subscriptions clubs is the subscriber is given items carefully selected by a subject matter expert. In the case of Spartan Carton their selection of goods includes supplements, fitness gear, and snacks of various assortments. How does Spartan Carton work? You pick your box option, wait for the item to ship as the next billing cycle begins, and then you receive the handpicked items.

They offer 2 options: The Citizen Box and the Warrior Box. The Citizen Box includes at least 3 supplements, 3 snacks and outdoor/workout gear for a $25.00 a month subscription. The Warrior Box is $99.00 a month and includes higher end fitness and outdoor gear. Some of those items may be resistance bands, suspension straps, Everyday Carry Items (EDC) etc. The Warrior Box is something I believe most fitness minded subscribers would be interested in purchasing.

When the box arrived and I opened it up to see the contents I was very pleased. Everything in the box I ended up using in some small and large way. The quality of the items is quite good. My box included Protein cookies $2.00 MSRP, Exodrinks x 2 at $2.00 MSRP, Energy powder at $1.40 MSRP, Bars for $2.99, Grip Ring $10.00 MSRP, SKLZ Massage Roller $19.99, Weighted Speed Rope $29.99 MSRP, Vanilla Protein $40.00 MSRP and all for roughly over $100.00.  A very good value in my opinion and the items are interesting as well. Let’s go ahead and list the contents of the box I received and then I’ll describe my thoughts on the brand.

A good assortment of items. 2.6 lbs of protein powder; 30 servings. Nice! Various nutrition bars.

The protein bars are tasty. With the assortment of bars you are given the opportunity to eat something you likely haven’t tasted before. Good for learning about new products.

I’ve tried the hydration supplements before to very good effect on long runs.

I truly liked the SKLZ ball. I do a lot of post workout stretching and yoga in order to maintain a healthy body. The best part about this item is it will do nearly the same job as a foam roller but I don’t have to lug a 4 foot long roller in my gym bag. This football sized item does the trick. One the best items in the box.

The weighted rope included in the box is really smooth for jumping. It’s  made of a strong and flexible PVC with ball bearing handles for easy rotation and includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Well built, unlike some of the chintzy jump ropes I’ve seen out there.

The progrip truly came in handy at the right time! I had stiff forearms from doing too much bicep work and this caused a tightening in my forearms. Great timing and a very useful product not only for pre or post gym time, but great for strengthening your hands for weapons manipulations.

The box also includes information cards. On the front side of a card you’ll see a What’s In the Box Description card and it lists the items. The rear of the card has recipes for the month. One of the cards depicted the gear in photographs and listed a hyperlink where you can find complete training and instructional videos on how to use them. You are also provided a workout routine. You too get a coupon card with a promo code. Not bad!

I’ve looked further into their line-up of boxes and I’ve come away with a change of mind. I’ve been doing physical training for 40 years and I’ve seen lots of products come and go. I also PT 5 to 6 days a week and I like brands that help athletes exercise and recover. Good concept and good execution. Every item is something that is useful in one capacity or another. Give em a try. Solid value. Nice variety of products. See you later, headed to my garage to put some of this gear to work again…

  • Cost 5/5 About expected for this concept
  • Comfort (if applicable) N/A
  • Durability 5/5 Good quality gear
  • Functionality 5/5
  • Weight N/A
  • Overall Rating 15/15

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2 thoughts on “Spartan Carton Product Review

  1. Please don’t order this box. They will try to force a subscription on you even after you cancel. They don’t get back to emails either. It has been a nightmare.

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