I’ve had knives most of my teen and adult life. Growing up learning how to responsibly use and take care of my knives, I have always wanted one thing: Owning a custom knife

While I was scrolling in my Instagram feed something caught my attention. It was the IG page of Jim, AKA @no1jimmypie AKA The Original Pieman.

Looking at his page and pictures, I found out he was a British knife maker, doing it as a hobby. His work was constantly receiving praise and his pictures were incredible.

I made up my mind: I’m ordering a custom knife from Jim!

At the time it seemed that there were two general designs he made: The Piefighter and The Pocket Piefighter. The Pocket Piefighter (PP) being the smaller of the two.

I decided on ordering a Pocket Piefighter .

The ordering process was pretty straight-forward: Contact Jim via DM with a picture and a description of what you want. Looking through his pictures I found a blacked-out knife with black scales and a black blade. Knife choice: Check!

Now the sheath…: The Pocket Piefighter comes with a kydex sheath designed to be worn on the small of your back ( the 6 o’clock position). I wanted a somewhat original sheath so I ordered the Kryptek Mandrake pattern for my sheath.

I sent all the information to Jim and he informed me about the process, the price and materials that will be used. Communication is key! and communication with Jim was excellent.

Now it was up to the Pieman! During the whole process I received pictures showing the craftsmanship that went into making my Pocket Piefighter .

The blades! (Picture by @no1jimmypie)

 Attaching the scales (Picture by @no1jimmypie) 

A lot of knives to be made! (Picture by @no1jimmypie) 

Finishing touches (Picture by @no1jimmypie)

Kydex in all the colors! (Picture by @no1jimmypie)

After about two weeks, I received a package in the mail ( I get a lot of packages, the UPS and DHL guys are starting to know me). I finally ( didn’t take that long, but I was impatient) had my very own, beautiful and custom Pocket Piefighter in my hands!

To be honest, it was smaller than I imagined. After some use, I realized it was exactly the size I needed. (That didn’t sound wrong, did it?)

My Pocket Piefighter was truly the work of a man with passion for blades. The handle is very nicely made and fits the palm of my hand perfectly.

The blade is blackened like requested and made of 01-Tool Steel. Let me tell you: the blade was sharp! ( Bye-Bye arm hair!)

The Kydex sheath has enough retention to be held upside-down without the Pocket Piefighter falling out. Which is of course a must when wearing it horizontally on your belt.

It does release the blade easily when I want to.

As previously mentioned the sheath is designed to be worn on the small of your back and is provided with two plastic loops to attach it to your belt. Attaching the loops on either side of my belt loop, the sheath stays in place. Right where I want it.

Although the sheath is normally for horizontal carry, I did find another way to carry the blade more concealed.

Of course I don’t recommend carrying the blade concealed in public like this, because that would be illegal. But you could…

I have had the Pocket Piefighter for a little less than two years and the blade is still sharp and the finish is still good. People that know me are aware that I use and abuse my gear, so this is a testament of the quality of Jims’ work.

I was so impressed with his work that I gave my father and brother a Pocket Piefighter  each. Both in different colors, sheaths and finish on the blades.

The one on the left is now my brothers’ POCKET PIEFIGHTER

To conclude this review, you can tell I like the Pieman and his creations. Evidently I can only recommend doing business with him. Over the years he has expanded his range of designs. You can find him on IG: @no1jimmypie

As a teaser, I’m also in the possession of a Pieman unicorn: This beauty! ( Lovingly provided by my Significant Other)

This was my first review, so if you have questions or recommendations, you can always contact me!


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“Tom is a Belgian JTAC who loves to go shooting, hiking and drop bombs. In his free time he can be found hiking with his two blondes: his fiancée and his labrador. He started his military carreer in 2006 and before qualifying as a JTAC, he was an Artillery Platoon leader.

He has always had an interest in quality gear and wishes to spread his knowledge and interest to others.”

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