December 2, 2021

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Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove From First Tactical, A Quick Review from Arminius Tribe

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First Tactical™ makes functional gear created for professionals. Guided by the principles of innovation and reliability, First Tactical works first–hand with real–world users to create durable products that meet the needs of public safety.

The Process At First Tactical

I had not used any products from First Tactical before this review, so I decided to check out their website, to see what they are all about. At First Tactical they have the following process before a product enters the market:

LISTEN- We thoroughly understand the unique needs of our customers by hosting frequent product development sessions with real operators — Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Personnel.

ENGINEER- Our design process demands innovative features and hand–selected, cutting edge materials to transform common gear into a tool for professionals.

FIELD TEST- All First Tactical products are put to the test in the most demanding conditions and real world situations. Modifications and improvements are made based on feedback from operators in the field.

DEPLOY- After listening, engineering and field testing, we deliver top-quality products to our end user at a price unseen in the tactical marketplace.

Sounds like a solid way of getting the right product to the end-user, let´s see if this is the case with these gloves..

Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove

First impression, out of the ´box´, looks and feels good. A very thin and soft material, the way I like my gloves. I am not a big fan of the bulky, stiff stuff.

Stitching looks good on first impressions, no faults to be seen.


Always an issue when buying stuff online. Before The Happy Wanderer send these out to me, I checked online, to get the size right. They are pretty adamant that I should look at my height (total body) and check the sizing chart to which size would correspond to that. Me, not trusting this method, went about and measured my fingers, and it turned out that I needed a L instead of an M as stated in the size-chart. So watch out there, make sure to measure. The Larges that I got, fit me perfectly and Mediums would have been too small for sure. Yes, you can send them back, but that takes time… and of course, you want to use them ASAP.

Product Details By First Tactical:

The Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove is both reliable and durable, without giving up the agility of lighter wear alternatives.


The Kevlar® lined palm is certified to Cut Resistance Level II and provides peace of mind to operators who are handling sharp objects while on the job.


The Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove features a Nomex® jersey with flame resistant silicon overprint that provides security as well as improved stretch and recovery.


The tip of the index finger does not feature Kevlar™, allowing the glove to be touchscreen friendly and more sensitive than ever before.

My Experiences

I used these gloves for a few weeks in different circumstances like, crossfit style workouts, rope climbing, handling gear, working with tactical equipment and handling weapons.






The fit is very good, as I said, I like thin gloves, these are thin and very soft straight out of the box and that´s great. You don´t need to wear them for a period first to get them ´right´.

Grip on weapon is very solid, no extra fabric-folds or lines between your hand and object. Because they are so thin I had my doubts about the durability and also about the fact they claim to be certified Cut Resistance Level II.

I did go back to check at the website, to see if these were indeed the cut resistant ones, and they were.

I use my iPhone for all photo and video work, but unfortunately the touchscreen friendly thing, did not work with these gloves. Or at least not with this pair.

Stitching and general state held up good, I have one small cut, in the side stitching on a finger, which I believe occurred during rope climbing.

Certified Cut Resistance Level II

Really? Well I had to test it out of course.. Check out this short clip, and find out:

Well it does indeed, it is not very clear in the clip, but I pushed down hard, really trying to make a cut in the fabric, and as you can see, from several cuts, only one made some what of scratch, but all in all, definitely cut resistant.


I really like this glove, I will be using it. In the past I always had problems finding the right glove, and still have some protection. These are incredibly thin and well-fitting for what they offer in protection. I recommend them.

These gloves where sent to us by The Happy Wanderer, please check out their website for more First Tactical gear.

About The Happy Wanderer

The Happy Wanderer is a young and dynamic company. We have your safety and training at high priority. We provide only the best things to have, at this time in this area. Many of our customers do not feel as safe as they would like in this rapidly changing world. Our environment is increasingly hostile and changing threats faster and faster.

And so we’re happy to help solve problems and challenges faced by our customers. The Happy Wanderer delivers everything from consulting to training to equipment.

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