PTR Industries is an American company that started out by taking the G-3/HK-91 platform and turning it into an All-American platform, the PTR91. Basically, PTR Industries purchased all the manufacturing machines, equipment and blueprints needed to manufacture these weapons to H&K specifications. Using this equipment and some ingenuity, they added rails, made pistols, made 7.62×39 rifles, etc. PTR has since released their PTR91 in all sorts of configurations and has been making most of their own parts in house. By 2019, PTR expects that 100% of the parts in their firearms will be made in America.

For 2018, they are releasing their newest addition to their already large selection of pistols and rifles, the PTR9C and PTR9CT. The PTR9C and PTR9CT are basically H&K MP5 clones that are made here in America with the quality and attention to detail you can expect from PTR Industries products. 100% of the parts in these pistols are going to be made here in America.

PTR Industries has been working hard to develop this pistol and release it to the market. With the increased interest in roller-delayed firearms, and particularly classic ones like the MP5, PTR Industries decided to focus on answering the markets requests. I would be curious to see if this product actually performs as well as the rest of their rifles and pistols. But, if it should have any issues, it would appear that PTR Industries is backing this product with a limited lifetime warranty. I have always had great experience with their customer service, so that is a huge bonus. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this product throughout the year. According to PTR, this is just the beginning for their pistol caliber roller-delayed firearms.

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