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It seems like these days everyone is making coffee, or at least getting into it.  Fads are what they are, but for those who are used to embracing the suck, coffee has always been a necessity and a small part or what make some sh*thole feel yours.  Coffee has been a grunt’s best friend for generations, and that may be why so many of us in the service actually take our coffee seriously.

I was sent three varieties of Rugged Man Coffee, and found this to be more challenging than reviewing a piece of kit.  I mean, its still a matter of taste.  To me several things are obvious when it comes to comparing different coffee’s.  Presentation is one.  Is the bag a good quality which will keep the coffee fresh, and is it appealing to use.  Logo is part of the presentation.  Is it a crayon sticker (hold the Marine jokes), or a printed and smart design.  Does it relay the mission and focus of the company?  Origin and procurement.

Does the company simply re-brand the coffee and has no idea where it came from, or can they tell you what goes into the bean, how its roasted, and who it supports?  Flavor and aroma of the coffee are, of course big ones, but more so, does the flavor last.  Personally I often have coffee sitting in the maker for a day or so, and end up warming it up.  I know its not perfect, but don’t think I can waste it at that point.  How it tastes warmed up after some time appears to be different among coffee suppliers.  My disclaimer is that I am no expert, and am not trying to sound smart by using fancy descriptions.  Ultimately, does the coffee do what it claims to do?  Does it wake your ass up and get you going? Brewing out making coffee in different ways will also yield separate flavors.  Brewing, steeping, french press and so on.


Rugged Man Coffee proudly uses beans from Peru and Columbia, roasted in the USA in beautiful North Carolina.  I often wondered if we could grow our own American coffee in the Blue Ridge mountains, for at least part of the year…  Must have mixed some Jameson in my coffee that day.  Ladies, don’t take up arms yet.  We know you an put a lot of man bun-wearing and even some “bearded” dudes to shame, so Rugged Man specifies that their coffee is for ladies as well.  And those are our types of ladies.  Rugged Man Coffee is organic and fair trade certified.

Rugged Man coffee comes in manly sealed bags, intended for copious consumption.  I say that because I found the bags a little tricky to reseal repeatedly, but nothing that some duct tape didn’t take care of.  The one way vented bag keeps the contents fresh, and the logo is appealing and well presented.  If you’re too tired to read the type of roast on the bag, all you need is to look at the logo.  Medium features a fishing rod bearded mascot, Dark Roast has an ax slung over the shoulder to make sure you’re ready to keep that place warm by chopping the wood while the snowflakes watch.  Extra Dark roast has a classic long gun, because deer hunting is long, boring and cold, and the Espresso Roast add a pair of shades, because if you can handle that, you’re cooler than a fan.

I found the medium roast to be an every day, all-around great sipping coffee.  If you enjoy several cups throughout the day, I think you’ll find this a well-balanced in taste, and smooth over the entire cup.  After an extra long shift it typically takes me a couple cups to get rolling, or I will make it stronger.  Dark roast is more of a woodsy and aromatic style, and might send you out the door faster, and is still good reheated several hours later.  If you’re a fan of a more bold, almost chicory-like coffee, the extra dark roast is for you.  Its hard core, grown man energy.  As the slogan says, this one might put hair on your chest.  All four varieties come in 12 ounce bags, and are $14.95.

What I love as much as the coffee, is how the company represents itself, and gives back to the community.  Rugged Man Coffee’s brand ambassadors are paratriathlon athlete Mark Barr, professional lumberjack Ben Kniceley and paralympic speed skater Andrew Kurka.  I really think this company needs one of our hockey players to add to the roster…

Had I not heard of Rugged Man Coffee before this, I would definitely spend the money to try them.  Its a fun brand with a quality product.  And speaking of everyone getting their own coffee…  stay tuned to Spotter Up…

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