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Revisiting the Death of Bin Laden

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I watch television and see our bumbling president talk about gun control. Weeks earlier he talked about ISIS. Farce. He has lost the respect of tens of millions of Americans and millions throughout the world. Inept. This is my opinion. Do not expect it to be peppered with a glowing review of his time in office. How could someone voted into office with such elation fail so badly? In my opinion, the speeches, the letter writing and the policy from the current administration is all essentially farce.

Three years since the death of Bin Laden has anything significant come of it? Sure. Obama got reelected.

It is difficult for me to discuss the way I feel about Obama, his cabinet and most members of any political party that used the capture and killing of Bin Laden Bin for politically motivated reasons. Certainly, we can understand the political machinery that moves Washington, on all sides of the political spectrum, be it Republican, Democrat or Other. However, we cannot forgive the way politics works because any exploitation of a good deed always lacks sincerity and should never be congratulated. The killing of Bin Laden should be commended but we must thank the Special Operations teams and the support elements and not Panetta or the President.

The fault here in this administration is it cares little about what the American public needs, cares too much about a minority viewpoint, and in the end it has no clear strategy. The workmanship done by the Special Operations forces, and the military units supporting the operation to get Bin Laden was resourceful and amazing; the administration shouldn’t get any credit and never should. With the current problems in Syria and Iraq, it is clear Obama doesn’t have a strategy and this is because going with the polls will always be reactionary and not planned; his plan seem to lack sensibility. Emotion wins over rationale while the world loses its grip on containing the spread of Islam and radicals. Even now, the administration is mulls whether it should ally with Syria and Iran to contain ISIS. But, oddly here, Obama took credit for winning the war in Iraq. The war has not ceased and will now be worse for those in the Middle-East.

In their speeches, Panetta and Obama both lay out a history lesson for the public and frame the events that led up to 9/11 and the ongoing search for Bin Laden. But this is where the ‘card trick’ begins and the public becomes unaware of the sleight of hand; Obama begins to take credit for the work done by the elite units, and this continues throughout the letter. Obama in his letter, continues to try and appease the Muslim world by stating that Americans harbor no ill will against them. But this letter should not be about appeasing the Muslims or else it rings untrue. Obama should worry more about his follow up plan, because his calculated move to do a troop pull-out in Iraq is going give the Middle-East serious setbacks after the hard work done by the military Surge.

Panetta, is no better than Obama, and he releases top-secret sensitive Bin Laden information about the Navy Seal mission to gathered Hollywood movie makers and to others during his speech. He releases the team leaders name and this is embarrassing for a man who is the CIA head. But the public believes it is patriotic movie making and they ignore the farce because Panetta ‘retires’. Again, another sleight of hand. The letters are hopeful, and they should be, as getting Bin Laden was a good symbol for the American public of the administrations intent to not rest until he was killed or captured. The letters speak of the great intent of the American people to fight a good fight, to be restless in its quest for justice, and that the innocent and the fallen will find retribution. We cannot dismiss the hopefulness of both political leaders, but we cannot be sure it is sincere or if it is all charade.

The speeches are one of victory, however it is short lived and the end result will be one of failure. We can’t judge what the administration believes, or thinks or will do in the future based off a single letter about Bin Laden. We must look at case history and the evidence, and we can see time and time again, they will exploit the deaths of many people in order to gain ratings. The suppression of Benghazi, the lack of effort to investigate the killing of an Ambassador, and the effort to blame a video no one saw is beneath contempt. In my opinion, they believe they have accomplished something great by getting bin Laden but really all they have done is delay what is to come. Without a long term plan, killing Bin Laden is merely treating a symptom and not eradicating the problem; the appeal to multiculturalism, and the idea that all religions are the same has consequences, and this is done on a recurring basis at the expense of all other faiths.

The killing of Bin Laden has not lowered the fear of terrorism in most U.S. citizens. Yes, the Economist and other new outlets reported that most Americans, and Muslim Americans, were overjoyed that he was gone; this was short-lived. We must not look at the Bin Laden capture and killing as successful or separated from the whole war effort. As a whole we are worse off. Citizens are more fearful because they understand one operation is not going to change the tide of war, especially with an enemy that can regroup. The idea of terrorists working in cells and able to swarm is far more terrifying than dealing with battle fronts and flanks of troops. Who can know where Bin Laden’s acolytes will appear next?

Killing Bin Laden has not affected al Qaeda. They will replace him with another leader, and when that leader is dead, they will replace him with another leader. The spread of radical Islam, as seen in the spread of ISIS, is far more terrifying than al Qaeda ever was because it is a more deeply rooted narcissism, wrapped in a twisted ideology. They want to destroy the world and anything that is not Islam; their version of Islam. The administration tried to downplay the threat that ISIS could never enter our borders. But there is credible information the Mexican cartels are talking with agents of ISIS. It is inevitable that we will be attacked again. We just don’t know when we will be attacked. So, al Qaeda has been stopped for the short term after Bin Laden’s death but this is a small delay.

The second example is they have an opportunity to regroup, and rethink who they will operate. Most terror organizations don’t work alone and they will work alongside other criminal and terrorists groups, as they morph, conjoin and grow. When the end goal is a Caliphate, it is an idea that will continue as long as one person believes in it; the little spark has caught on fire with ISIS and we don’t know when it will be extinguished. End rant…


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