Nick Goldsmith, is a former Royal Marine Commando who served his country from 2007 to 2018, completing six operational deployments in some of the world’s most challenging regions.

After leaving military service, Nick turned his focus towards championing mental fitness. His deep & personal understanding of nature’s role in supporting mental well-being has not only influenced our perceptions but has secured him a place as a thought leader in this field.

As an international speaker and bestselling author, he connects with global audiences, offering inspiration derived from his own experiences. His company, Hidden Valley Bushcraft, has been recognized for its innovative outdoor activities that amplify positive mental fitness.

Nick, alongside his wife Louise, founded the acclaimed Woodland Warrior Programme in 2017. This initiative, brought into the limelight by a 2022 BBC documentary, has harnessed nature’s therapeutic power to aid rehabilitation for Armed Forces & Emergency Service Personnel. With support from distinguished organizations such as the Invictus Games, the Veteran’s Foundation, and now the Blue Light Card Foundation, the program is now deep into its 7th year. 

Outside of his programs, Nick extends his influence by advising veteran-focused charities on best practices, emphasizing his commitment to champion veteran-owned charities.

He also works with government and private organizations to foster professional growth and strengthen team connections.

His bestselling book, Rewild Your Mind’, is a testament to his advocacy for the crucial role of nature in mental health.

Despite his impressive achievements, Nick’s humility shines through. His engaging presence and charismatic nature continue to drive a profound movement towards valuing nature as a key & vital resource for mental resilience.

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