Continuing along with our linear progression by adding 10 pounds to our deadlift from Week 1. Be careful to not to jump too high in your weight right now because it will murder you in 4 weeks after we keep packing on weight each week. Failing a set still shouldn’t be a thought. Trust the overload process.

Compare your total number of pull-ups this week to what you did last week.

After we hit our deads we’ll focus on some unilateral work and hammer the trunk for a few sets.

The engine builder is programmed as 15 continuous minutes with no programmed rest. Your score is the total number of reps performed. Post it up in the comments and let’s keep it competitive!

By Brian T

Hey guys, I'm Brian. I've been in the military around 11 years at this point in 11 and 18 series jobs. I started Modern Athlete Strength Solutions not just to give it the cool nickname of MASS, but to provide free strength and conditioning training to those that want to cut through the BS, not pay $100 for a generic program, and develop their athleticism through qualified S&C coaches. I am also the Executive Director at Operation RSF, a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and community initiatives on how fitness benefits mental health.

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