December 10, 2022

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Readyman-EE-Card-by-WRReadyMan is a company founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. They’ve created several credit sized survival cards.  The subject of this review is the Readyman Hostage Escape Card.  I put the card through its paces with some of the breaching skills I acquired in the Ranger Regiment.

The tool cards are priced between $12.95 to about $15.95. They are about the size of a credit card and will easily fit in a standard sized wallet. It is lightweight and compact. Here’s a link to their webstore and you can find some great stuff there. The card seems to be made of a higher quality and thicker gauge stainless steel than other cards on the market.

The Readyman Hostage Escape card comes in a cardboard sleeve case. This helps protect the card before you are ready to pull it out of your wallet or shoe and use it.  The card is 89×51 mm or a couple of hairs longer than a credit card.  The US made stainless steel kit consist of a saw, handcuff shim, rake and tension wrench. The pieces snap out of the stamp with a little back and forth movement. You don’t need a lot of strength or dexterity to get the pieces out.Readyman-EE-Card-2-by-WR-1


The hostage escape card is designed to assist one in a kidnapping type situation.  The saw will cut through zip ties, light metal and with some effort, rope. The saw can cut through parachute cord in about 2-3 minutes. If you like fooling around with trying to pick handcuffs then this is the item for you try it with. Keep in mind there are actual lock-picking kits on the market used by locksmiths. This ReadyMan kit is ideal in attacking light locks and cuffs. The minimalist steel construction limits repeated use of the tools. That’s a reasonable price considering this is a hideaway kit.  (Buy two, one for practice, one to hide.)

The ReadyMan card is for a last ditch effort when all other means have been exhausted. The shims and picks can bend and twist like a corkscrew on some locks and handcuffs but this shouldn’t deter you from purchasing one for your wallet. In a day and age of wierdness where women and men are getting kidnapped more frequently than ever, this is an item that could save a life-maybe yours.

One shouldn’t stow the hostage escape card in a wallet even though it’s credit card sized.  Criminals will likely take your wallet while they typically leave your shoes.  Slide the card between your shoe’s insole and sole.   The “one stop shop” format of the kit is very convenient.Escape-Card-restraint-ex-by-JD

Readyman  also offers a variety of other unique survival cards and a membership opens video resources to teach you how to use your card. All in all this is a good card to have on hand. The Hostage Escape Card is a last ditch effort kit that allows you to escape from your restraints.


Made in the USA!

Small form factor (i.e. thin and easily concealable).

Ideal for hiding in Shoes/boots and wallets, but I would keep away from putting in your wallet. (Bad guys take wallets but rarely take your shoes)

Tool selection has the necessary choices.

Shims are perfect for combo locks and handcuffs.

Hacksaw works on zip ties and thinner metal objects.

Picks work well on smaller locks.

Shims and the left over housing of the tools can be used as an effective improvised weapon very easily.EE-Card-in-Shoe-by-WR


When using the picks on tougher locks the edges dig into you (I understand this is for last resort, but just thought I’d mention it).

The size of the card is too long (Dimensions: 3.5”L x 2”H) to fit with regular cards (3.38”L x 2.13 “H). It sticks out just slightly and for that reason it cannot be blended in with your normal stack of cards seamlessly.

Hacksaw can be used on ropes as a last ditch, but aren’t the best at cutting them. I would like to see a half serrated / half straight blade.

Due to the thin metal construction some of these tools will only last for a few reps.EE-Card-Shoe-by-WR


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