May 15, 2021

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Radical Islam Solution

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Untitled2-750x400Situation report:
7 January, 2015, a police officer in Philadelphia is ambushed, an attempted assassination in the name of Islam, encouraged by ISIS leaders. San Bernardino, CA., December, 2015, 14 people are killed and 22 seriously injured in a terrorist attack carried out by a married couple. Radical Islam is the motive behind the mayhem. November, 2015, Paris, France, 130 people are killed, 368 injured. October 1st, 2015, Roseburg Oregon, A terrorist enters Umpqua Community College and kills 9 people. The Shooter was said to be heard asking the students, “what religion are you?” before he fired. Those who answered Christian, were shot in the head, those who answered, “other” were shot in the leg. Attacks continue to happen across the globe.

ISIS wants France, the U.S., and her allies to send troops into Iraq and Syria, because they know that strategy will not defeat them, it will make them stronger. To that point, radical Islam has become stronger since the attacks on 9/11, this is an undeniable fact. This method of warfare has already proven itself to be ineffective, despite thousands troops, thousands of lives, and billions of dollars. Very little has been achieved. Currently, there are still large portions of Afghanistan under Taliban control, and it’s getting much worse despite troops that remain on the ground.obama-no-exit-military-strategy-cartoon

The current military strategy will never be effective, because there is an endless stream of new terrorists growing up every day. The solution will not be accomplished by sending in Special Operations troops that have already proven they can, and will decimate ISIS in battle. The fact ISIS is asking us to come fight them in Syria and Iraq should be a strong indication that is not the correct approach.

The approach ISIS has taken circumvents some of the most impressive military resources on hand. Aircraft carriers, B2 bombers, and F-117 stealth fighters are all virtually useless. ISIS knows no war has ever been fought (and won) through the use of air power. A ground strategy must be implemented. ISIS has no Navy, so ask yourself, if you were ISIS, how would you flood your influence over the world?” Supposing the current refugee issue is what it appears to be, wouldn’t it be a brilliant military strategy to spread their influence? Just FYI, there is a lot of evidence to support the theory the refugee crisis is a brilliant version of the Trojan Horse.a-plan

A new strategy needs to be developed, a strategy that attacks the ideology of Islam, a strategy that targets the heart of the problem, a radical belief system that threatens life as we know it. What won’t work is to continue on the path were on now. Understand, we are repeating history, and are headed into round two of the Crusades. The first round of Crusades lasted nearly 400 years. It seems reasonable to assume we are headed into another 400 year period of turmoil.

Attacking the ideology is the logical answer. And, that answer is best accomplished when good Muslims speak out against radical Islam. Truly, the pen is mightier than the sword, and I encourage every Muslim to speak out!
Unfortunately, there are not enough Muslims speaking out and taking action to make a difference at this point in time. Assuming we cannot depend upon the good Muslims of the world to end radical Islam, a radical strategy should be devised to protect us all.

Before describing the strategy further it’s important to understand what has worked historically in the past. Virtually every war ever fought has been won by thinking outside the box, and redefining the known rules of war. The United States did this when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. We killed thousands of innocent people, just as ISIS is killing thousands of innocent people now. Japan had no answer to the atom bomb, and surrendered.
Going back to the American Revolution, the Militia redefined war as it was fought when then. They refused to line up in rows to fire muskets at the well trained British army. Instead, The Militia fired upon the British from the tree lines, and often ambushed their supply lines, and troop movements. Only 3% of Americans took up arms, and yet that 3% defeated the British army. They did so, by redefining the known rules of war, just as ISIS has done now.

ISIS will defeat the world and implement Sharia law unless we wake up, and redefine this war (yet again). Despite the Geneva Convention, any rule or law you’ve ever read, it is important to understand there are no rules in war. The true nature of war has no rules. Victory goes to those who rewrite the rules, and history will written by the victor.

Radical Islam has redefined war as we currently know it, they have implemented a strategy that is more brutal, more cunning, and more effective. And we, the world are like the British army fighting with outdated tactics. Radical Islam will win this war unless we redefine our strategy and tactic’s. The U.S. military, England, France, and every other ally are stronger militarily than ISIS. But, we are not fighting ISIS, we are fighting an ideology, a belief system that is growing and endless supply of new terrorists. As long as the belief system exists unchanged there will always be an enemy to fight. This is why Israel will never win against the Palestinian’s. The Palestinians are taught to hate the Jews from the time they are toddlers. To kill all the men throwing rocks accomplishes nothing long term, because the Palestinians continue to hate the Jews. The change must be forced, the destructive and counterproductive belief system must not be allowed to exist. Wherever it exists, it must be attacked. If the world is serious about ending terrorism an extraordinary amount of pressure must be applied to make the change.isis-slaughter-syria

Fear is the answer and the problem. The world fears to take the action necessary to defeat radical Islam. Here’s a clue, the action necessary to defeat radical Islam is implemented everyday by organized crime and drug lords across the world. The world is being manipulated by ISIS through the use of fear. Fear, is the easiest and most often used method of manipulating human beings, as history has shown. Genocide is the act of manipulating people through fear and attrition. Here’s another clue, attrition, is another important component in this equation on both sides.

The Jihadists do not fear death, so the next logical step is to attack something they do care about, their families. Are their families innocent? Were the civilians of Japan innocent? That answer depends upon the rules of war. As stated previously there are no rules in war, and there are no innocent people, there are just people.

If ISIS defeats the world tomorrow and implements Sharia law across the globe they will write future history to reflect their actions in a positive light for generations to come. A world with one religion, and no more war and no more killing. Except, the world as you know it will be vastly different. The TV shows you love, radio and video games will all go away. The evidence of what will come can be seen in Afghanistan prior to the U.S. invasion in 2001. Islam, will condone what you can listen to and watch, that is the world we are in store for unless effective action is taken.strategy-in-a-lean-enterprise-44-638

Attacking the ideology, the belief system, is at the root of the solution. Arguably, the most effective strategy is the same one used by organized crime, and drug lords. To put this in perspective, every time the authorities learned the identity of a terrorist they would locate the family and kill them. Whether the family supports the Jihadist/Terrorists actions or not, it would remove the glory from the Jihadist. It would also ensure no future terrorists were growing up in that household. There would be virtually no one to celebrate the Jihadist/ Terrorists actions. The same fear the Jihadist/Terrorists are using against us would be turned against them.

Humans are often willing to be reckless with their own lives, but very few would want harm to come to their family due to their actions. Even the most extreme psychopaths are likely to avoid hurting their own family. It is likely, if this strategy were implemented the spread of radical Islam would stop within one generation. If an effective strategy is not implemented expect the next 400 years to a repeat of the Crusades.

The killing of innocent people in response to the killing of innocent people is logical response if it is a means to and end, just as it was in Japan. The strategy and response described here would be surgical, aimed at a specific target, unlike, the warfare we conducting now. Effective action, verses bombing buildings, vehicles, and “innocent women and children.” The fact is, “innocent people are already being killed in the form of collateral damage. This response would be a direct attack on the destructive belief system, the ideology that is radical Islam.

The current strategy does nothing to keep the fire from spreading. The fire is the battle against a belief system that must be stomped out. To simply attack the fighters and kill them leaves an endless supply of future fighters. ISIS wants the world to commit troops to Iraq and Syria, because they know this is bleeding resources, money and people, while at the same time doing nothing to stop the fire from spreading.

The strategy described here would give our Special Operations troops and intelligence agencies a clear and simple direction. For once in our nations recent history, it could be explained, what we are doing and why we are doing it. A strategy that makes sense and easy to understand, no smoke and mirrors (for once). In this modern day and age of tracking people electronically and by other means, it would be relatively simple and cost effective to implement a strategy that find and locates the families of every known terrorist.

There are always and pro’s & con’s. In terms of our civil rights this is very treacherous ground, attacking a specific belief system may not end with radical Islamic beliefs. What about radical Christian values, or values that are simply deemed to be “radical”? It gets very complicated.

All we know for certain is, our current military and law enforcement strategies are not effective, and will never be effective. The enemy has redefined warfare as we know it. A new solution must be implemented to counter the ISIS strategy. History is repeating itself, this has all happened before.

Lastly, this strategy is to be implemented by the governments of the world, and the Special Operations forces that exist within. It should not be hidden, or secretive, and should be visible for the world to see. These words are not meant to incite violence or vigilante justice. It is not for private citizens to take matters into their own hands. Chaos and anarchy will follow vigilante actions. Such action would destroy the economy and life as we know it as well. This is a strategy of warfare to be implemented by governments of the world that wish to preserve life as we know it, and put an end the spread of of a violent, and destructive belief system.

The Crusades, 1096 to 1487, how long will it take us to figure it out this time?

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