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DOK: PTSD the New Badge of Honor

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PTSD the New Badge of Honor

(DOK) Diatribes of a Knucklehead 180501

This weekend we lost another Marine to PTSD. This was the headline of a Facebook Page post from this last weekend. This is a FB page I follow because they honor our fallen warriors. I contacted them and asked them not make statements like that because I can guarantee PTSD did not kill this Marine. PTSD may have been a contributing factor, but it is almost always not the only reason.

I PMed them and they found my questioning of them offensive. They were offended because I called the headline ignorant- not stupid. Being ignorant is simply a lack of knowledge; such as I am ignorant to the subject of space flight and many other subjects. Ignorance does not make a person stupid; everyone is ignorant about something.

Ignorance is defined as lacking knowledge or awareness in general and stupid is defined as lacking intelligence or common sense; there is no justifiable comparison between the

two. I stand by my challenge of their ignorance; ignorance in this case is a lack of knowledge

about combat psychology and PTSD in general. What the heck is going on; when did PTSD become a badge of honor?

The military leadership created this monster through slow, but methodical conditioning of our troops. We pushed the de-stigmatization of PTSD so aggressively that it actually became a badge of honor; although I assure you it was unintentional

Oh, you have not been diagnosed with PTSD, you most NOT have really served- ridiculous. On the other hand, due to Hollywood and news media there are many citizens who believe that if you have been diagnosed with PTSD, you most be totally unstable. I know for fact, that there are many more warriors that have gained from their combat experiences psychologically, than have been damaged by it.

Although Dysfunctional Veteranshirts are funny to vets, they are not funny to many citizens. You cannot bitch about the public NOT paying attention or caring about veterans and simultaneously wearing a t-shirt that says

Dysfunctional Veteran Leave Me Alone. PTSD does not cause alcoholism, drug abuse, crime or even suicide, but it can be a contributingfactor. I have read so many suicide briefs over the years it is hard to count them

The Marine Corp’s suicide briefs look objectively at all factors; I never read a case where there was only one factor. For instance; even though his wife left him, he was also in financial trouble, he was also an alcoholic, he was an a*^hole, etc. I believe the main reasons PTSD is now a badge of honor for many veterans is because it is an honorable excuse for everything. – I cannot find my keys; PTSD (not that everybody forgets things)  I forgot what I was saying; PTSD (not that everybody forgets what they were saying from time to time)

– He beat his wife; PTSD (even though he was beating her l ong before combat)- Alcohol abuse; PTSD (even though he was an alcoholic sense he was 16)

veteran; especially a Marine. If one Police Chief feels this way, there are others. The sad part of this for me is the fact that most military members believe they and law enforcement are on the same team, just a different uniform, and they watch out for each other. This is actually true in most cases. I have attached an interesting read.

Thoughts are welcomed.

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