Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

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PTR91 GI: The Best Value Battle Rifle

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It has almost been three years since I got my PTR91 GI. I had been looking around for a .308 rifle that really matched my style of usage. I needed to be able to run it hard and fast, but not have to spend thousands on proprietary magazines and a down payment. I had already looked at the most common .308 rifles and had an M1A already. But the M1A was not exactly that great at holding off the heat of rapid fire, and a single good Checkmate magazine cost more than 100 rounds of ammo. Something had to be out there that was affordable and usable.

After scouring one of my favorite sites, I saw that they had PTR91 rifles in stock for less than $1000. Now for me, I figured that this was too good to be true. In my mind, a .308 rifle under $2000 could not be high quality. I mean, why would FN charge $3000 for the SCAR17, and why would Springfield charge $2000 for the M1A? Price always dictates quality, right? Well I had to check this out for myself.

The PTR91 GI fit the bill perfectly after doing a little research on it. The rifle initially only cost $900, and the magazines only cost $3-$7 each. Not to mention that the parts availability and modularity of the rifle was outstanding. So I laid in my order for a GI model and have not regretted it since. After about 4000 rounds, the PTR91 GI still runs well, and has functioned flawlessly for me. I have a feeling that this rifle is going to continue to work flawlessly for a long time to come.



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