VTX8620 (1)I have worn a lot of different BDU pants over the last 10+ years in a law enforcement setting both as a patrol officer and as a detective. I am very confident that this is probably the best pair of BDU pants I have ever tried out. Right out of the package I noted they were very durable and of a high quality. The stitching was very well done and the material was very tough. I noticed the elastic side-stretch waistband was tight and likely wouldn’t stretch too much overtime if I maintained the same weight. This is good because some pants sag after long-wear. There is a higher rise in the back to give a better fit over the waist and hips.

 The zippers were heavy and appeared to be of a very high quality. I’ve had a few pants with buttons but zippers, for cops,  are best for speed if you need to jump into a car and go into response mode.

Per the instructions, I washed them and let them air dry. I was a little put off at first by not being able to just chuck them into the dryer; however, they air dried very quickly so not too much hassle there. I tried them on and noticed they were a perfect fit. The waist and length sizes were perfect. The pants weren’t too baggy particularly in the hips, they weren’t too tight and they were very comfortable. They are built for an athletic frame rather than for someone heavier so there isn’t extra, useless material. The legs are a stove pipe/straight leg cut. There is a well-sewn gusseted crotch for good articulation. I stand over 6’6″. It’s diffult to find pants that fit and fit well. Excellent for walking and running in. The material is a mid-weight that dries  sufficiently and definitely durable enough for every day wear or at the range fine drop to a prone or kneeling position. Stitching is heavy.

I also noticed that the pants looked very sharp and professional. Others noticed as well and I received a lot of complements when I wore them to work the next day.

I tried them out with the light open/concealed carry set up I usually wear at work these days which consists of a handgun, handcuffs and an extra handgun magazine. I also tried them out with a duty belt. Overall, I noted the belt loops were spaced out well in relation to the pockets’ to accommodate both belt set ups. The front pockets were good sized with helpful smaller zippered pocket on the right side. The side leg pockets were a good size as well; I have worn BDUs in the past where the side pockets quickly stretched out but the tough material of these pants looked like they would hold up very well over time. The back pockets were a little tight for a wallet or whatever, but I personally didn’t mind, because I usually just store extra disposable gloves in my back pockets.

I can’t really comment on the cost as these were sent to me to try out and any BDUs I have worn in the past were issued to me. That being said, I kept an open mind writing this review.

Product Scores

Functionality: 4/5 Personally this was a 5/5 but I can see where some people might have issue with the small back pockets. I thought they were very comfortable and they fit very nice.

Weight: 5/5 The pants were made with a tough durable fabric but they felt light, comfortable and not too heavy.

Durability: 5/5 The pants were very well constructed with a tough fabric

Appearance: 5/5 Simple design, tactical appearance. Very utilitarian.

Overall Score: 19/20

By and large the sharpest pair of BDU pants I have ever worn. Available in Black, Navy, Kahki, Smoke Gray, Olive Drab and Desert Tan

Priced at $60.95

A lighter-weight version of the vertx® original pants, the phantom lt provides heavy duty protection, comfort and mobility. featuring rugged ripstop 65% polyester / 35% cotton fabric with integrated moisture-wicking and water-repelling intellidry® technology,. The phantom LT keeps legs cool and dry in harsh environments.
  • Side stretch waistband and higher rise in the back maintain proper fit
  • Concealed, zipper pocket on right side prevents valuables from falling out
  • Articulated knees provide a greater range of mobility during physical activity
  • Mini rip-stop pattern weave delivers added durability to effectively resist tears in multiple environments
  • Back pocket credentials flap protects important items from theft or accidental loss
  • Gusseted crotch allows for extended comfort in virtually any position
  • Multipurpose inset cargo pockets with bonus interior pockets lessen tactical appearance yet deliver maximum capacity
  • Constructed of 6.5oz 65% Polyester/35% Cotton mini rip-stop fabric with IntelliDri® treatment

Material Disclosure: I was given these pants by Spotter Up and was not required to write a postive review.


By Aggro 84

Aggro 84 didn’t get his start in law enforcement until his very early 30s. After 9/11, he decided that getting an American flag bumper sticker for his car wasn’t doing enough for his country. He decided to become a sworn peace officer. Upon graduating from the police academy he began working in a medium-sized city on the West Coast with its fair share of big city problems. When possible, he choose the busiest shifts in the busiest beats his city had to offer. Most often times he was in the top five for arrests and reports in a department of approximately 100 sworn. A few years ago, he put in for a position as a Detective, was accepted and has remained in that position ever since. As a Detective he has worked cases in everything from simple grand thefts and embezzlement to child abuse, rapes and murder cases. He has processed numerous crime scenes, interviewed numerous suspects and has dabbled in computer and cellular phone forensics. In his free time Aggro84 enjoys movies, early reggae, kung-fu, history, art and pulp fiction. Aggro84 subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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