Aggro 84

Aggro 84 didn’t get his start in law enforcement until his very early 30s. After 9/11, he decided that getting an American flag bumper sticker for his car wasn’t doing enough for his country. He decided to become a sworn peace officer. Upon graduating from the police academy he began working in a medium-sized city on the West Coast with its fair share of big city problems. When possible, he choose the busiest shifts in the busiest beats his city had to offer. Most often times he was in the top five for arrests and reports in a department of approximately 100 sworn. A few years ago, he put in for a position as a Detective, was accepted and has remained in that position ever since. As a Detective he has worked cases in everything from simple grand thefts and embezzlement to child abuse, rapes and murder cases. He has processed numerous crime scenes, interviewed numerous suspects and has dabbled in computer and cellular phone forensics. In his free time Aggro84 enjoys movies, early reggae, kung-fu, history, art and pulp fiction. Aggro84 subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.