May 27, 2022

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Product Review Thr3Six Dog Lead

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I purchased the Mutlicam color Mod 1 K9 Lead in the 6 foot length and the Mod 1 QD Belt release from Thr3Six to test and evaluate.  I am a K9 handler with a Police Department and currently handle a single purpose Explosive Detection Canine.  I used both of these items for the last 3 months during work, training scenarios, and at home.  Overall the lead and belt release worked as expected and have shown no wear or tear in the 3 months of constant use.

When I first received the lead I was surprised at how light the lead was compared to other leads that I’ve used in the past. The lead also had a much thinner profile compared to other more common leads.  The handle was comfortable due to the soft pig suede sewn on the inside.

The handle has an AustriAlpin COBRA quick release buckle on it for ease in switching out different length leads.  Thr3Six offers different sizes from 2 foot all the way up to a 6 foot lead.  This offers the handler multiple options for different searches.  I think that down the road it would be nice to see Thr3Six offer a 15 foot or 30 foot lead with that same buckle.

During most of my searches when the dog took the lead to full extension, the lead became tangled just below the COBRA buckle.  If the dog pulled hard enough the twisted part of the lead would correct itself.   Although during normal routine searches the twist just below the COBRA buckle stayed in the lead until I manually untangled it.

I believe that the best way to correct this would be to add a swivel in that location. That being said the buckle is definitely one of my favorite parts of the lead.  I have also used the lead several times in heavy brush and dense cover.  During each of these incidents the lead did not get snagged or tangled in any of the branches or sticker bushes.  I like having the ability to easily switch out different size leads for different searching styles.


During a particular training scenario where I were searching for an explosive training aid the addition of a possible active shooter in this event this caused me the need to draw my weapon while continuing to conduct sweeps of the area.  The Mod 1 QD Belt Release attached to my belt was a huge asset during this scenario.  The SMC Rigging Ring attached to the handle of the lead is as heavy-duty as they come.

Yet the ring is still extremely light weight and sturdy.  I was able to easily open the belt release and attached the rigging ring with one hand.  This gave me the ability to keep my focus and weapon on the unknown area ahead of me.  The combination of the lead and belt release gave me the luxury of being able to keep my dog attached to me while he searched and have both hands free to open doors while keeping my weapon at the ready position.

The clip at the end of the lead that hooks to the dog’s collar is your standard steel swivel snap hook that you would find on any common lead.  I would prefer to see the KONG Frog clip that is offered under the DIY section on their website.  This clip offers extreme strength and durability.  Once it’s put in place it won’t unhook unless physically unlatched by hand.

Overall I think the lead is an excellent lead that is very versatile for different styles of searching.  The price point of $75 is right on for the quality that you’re receiving.   The interchangeable forends are reasonably priced at $19.99 and range in sizes from 2 feet to 6 feet.



Functionality: 4/5

Weight: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Cost: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Total: 24/25

From their page: What is Thr3Six? Thr3Six is a commitment, a way of life, but above all, the motivation and will to improve your position every chance you get.

How was it born? Thr3Six (3-6) was the call sign of a great leader, Cpt. Andrew Pedersen Keel (PK). I was fortunate to serve as PK’s Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) as a young Infantry SPC during our 08-09 deployment to RC South Afghanistan. I therefore assumed the call sign of 3-6 Romeo because I communicated the radio traffic for him. He taught me everything.

As the RTO I got the chance to see the battlefield from the top; how the commander plans and fights the platoon, the interactions he has with higher, and the way he communicated his efforts during key leader engagements. I was his right hand man, and I would follow him to the very end if he needed me to, we all would have.

PK was killed in a green on blue attack on March 11, 2013 in Afghanistan while serving with an ODA from 1st BN 3rd SFG(A). I’ve lost many friends over the years from the wars, but none affected me more than losing PK. I remember the notification like it was yesterday, and I just cried as I started to make the phone calls to the rest of the guys.

I wanted to start something that meant everything to me, and that was my time in Afghanistan, next to my greatest mentor. I wanted something that would force me to become better, to want to become more, and that’s when Thr3Six was born. Thr3Six is still in its infancy, but it’s the start of something big. In the end, Thr3Six is more than a company/organization, it’s the memory and the legacy of a warrior, leader…and a great friend.


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