When out in the field, or on the road, it can be difficult to answer the call of nature in a sanitary manner. I experienced this difficult situation first hand when I was in the military. Usually we would go out on a patrol and hopefully be able to hold our bowels until we get back to camp before having to relieve ourselves. This typically meant that we, or at least I, generally left camp or base unprepared.

If you do not have the essentials in order to properly sanitize yourself after doing your business, the consequences can be quite uncomfortable in an already uncomfortable situation. This is where Potty Packs comes in to hopefully save the day.

The owner of Potty Packs had an unfortunate occurrence himself while out hunting. He left unprepared for the eventuality of having to relieve himself while out in the field. He was left with an experience that made him consider starting a business. The goal of the business is preventing other outdoor enthusiasts and travelers from “getting caught with their pants down” as he was.

Potty Packs sells two types of kits. The first kit is called the SH!T KIT and is essentially designed for those who do not have a toilet readily available. Hunters, hikers, campers, military, and generally prepared people could find this kit useful. I think this kit would have served me well while I was deployed and in the field training. These days, it sits in my glove box and is there just in case.

The other kit that Potty Packs sells is a traveling kit. In this kit, you have the essentials you may find handy in case all you have is a toilet seat to work with. Porta-Johns and public bathrooms are not the most sanitary places you can do your business. This traveling kit prepares you for the unfortunate event of having only a highly unsanitary toilet to work with.

In my opinion, I think Potty Packs has a good idea here. I had a bit of experience with something similar while I was deployed. All I got was a bag with some odor killer, which would make the SH!T KIT complete, and a thing of MRE toilet paper. The MRE toilet paper was basically 100 squares of 1/4 ply toilet paper. Not a pleasant wiping situation when you have a real mess to clean up and all you get is stuff that falls apart while you use it.

After having the experiences in the field and in traveling, I immediately found myself appreciating what this kit offers. Anyone, anywhere could use this product.

It is one of those products that is meant to be there just in case. Realistically, a great majority of people are likely to find themselves using, or hoping for something like this. Amazing how such a passive daily activity like using the bathroom can cause such a problem for us. But it is fine because Potty Packs has your back, so to speak.

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