Phokus Research Group has been innovating the design and application of how you carry an Individual First Aid kit for years.  Long before others noticed the idea, Phokus has been innovating.  Their objective is not only to encourage professionals and responsible citizens to carry a med kit.  The unique packaging, design and accessibility of their medical kits aims at maximizing the space on your kit, encourages the ease of everyday carry, and enhances the mindset that the skills associated with the life-saving contents are just as critical. Once again Spotter Up was invited by ADS, Inc. to attend the Warrior Expo East and bring you some information on Phokus.

The medical kits vary in size and associated skill level of application.  From the personal Shield, to Deployment Kit to Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit and the training modality of Wound Cube, Phokus has been… focused on delivering the right gear to where it counts.  That’s probably at least one reason why the Spotter Up Shooting Team and their team members who work the street, rely on the Phokus Research products daily.

The idea isn’t just wrapping key supplies in accessible, see-through packaging.  The plastic packaging is durable, taking a beating in your pocket or behind your trauma plate, without fade or rips.  It’s also instinctively accessible, with notched access points, and large carry loops.  But Phokus didn’t stop at packaging.  The Frog Gauze is Phokus’ own take on z-folded, non-woven dressing gauze, offering easy one-point access.  Likewise, Frog Tape is a genius design on something first responders have been improvising for years: usable and accessible strips of quality medical tape, accessible without rolls or messy or sticky folds. The tape holds strong and has a versatility of uses.

You may have guessed it that with all the “Frog” names, the design and functionality of Phokus products is based on experience.  Naval Special Warfare experience, to be exact.  Rob and Danny applied their hard-learned lessons from the field, discovered gaps in equipment, and created a practical, functional and affordable solution.  What’s even more, they offer and preach the skills associated with the proper utilization of this medical gear.

You can also rest assured that there are no shortcuts when it comes to any gear.  Whether for space-saving or high-level application, the equipment has been proven and recommended by first-hand practitioners.  Whatever your needs, you can find a suitable Phokus kit to compliment your mission.  It will not only make your tactical profile more streamlined, it will serve as a force multiplier. Some of the key features include:

  • Machine pressure sealed in heavy-duty medical grade vinyl with Radio Frequency (RF) welded seams
  • Designed to last 24-30 months
  • Features a low profile, lightweight design that does not impede tactical movements such as crawling or maneuvering through small areas
  • Designed for quick deployment, even in tight quarters
  • Made of a clear heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl which allows operators to identify and retrieve supplies quickly as needed
  • 5” w x 6” h and weighs only a ½ lb. with a thinness of ½” to ¾”

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Brought to you by the dudes at Spotter Up

By Steve Rabinovich

Steve is a career cop, who has devoted his life to the service of others. He has been in public service and on the job for some 17 years, holding several specialized assignments, and becoming a law enforcement and emergency medical services instructor. Steve immigrated to the US at the age of 14, with his family, and became committed to serve the country which offered him so much. He has served as a member of US Coast Guard expeditionary unit, and pursued his interest in Aviation, becoming a 68W and flight medic with the Army. After a short break, he returned to service and reserves, as a fire team member and a medic. He enjoys learning, writing, and doing grunt work, and is focused on helping other vets in need. With a team of local vets and his therapy dog, Rab does a great deal of volunteer work. To further that goal, they started Grunt’s BBQ and Easy Company. A future mobile chow hall, coming to an AO near you.

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