May 15, 2021

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What better way to start your morning then with a piping hot Cup o’ Joe, it’s an “All-American” thing and there is no denying that this hot goodness is a crowd favorite. It’s consumed by those of all ages, and in all careers. The start of our national movement toward coffee began with American Patriots throwing tea in Boston Harbor. This is why tea time is gone and why we Americans take coffee breaks.

Legend has it that the coffee or “Cup o’ Joe” earned its nickname when President Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels, banned alcohol on ships in General Order 99 of 1 June 1914. The void left by the outgoing rum and wine was filled by coffee. As you can imagine, Sailors and Marines were not pleased with the change and referred to the replacement as a “Cup of Joseph,” which soon became a “Cup o’ Joe”.


A number of Veterans have started their own coffee companies and I recently had the opportunity to test the coffee from one of these veteran owned company’s name Operator Coffee; They are a small but growing company. Let’s get some background on this brand:

The founders, Zack and Brent were discussing how many vets feel alone after getting out of the military. They discussed how vets can have trouble making transitions from the military and back into the civilian culture and it can be difficult for some. They discussed having a vet and first responder friendly shop where people could get together over brew. Operator Coffee was born. Operator Coffee has been built around the principle of support for veterans and first responders.  A portion of every item they sell is given back to charities that support a vet and responder mission. I choose my coffee based on three things, taste and aroma, cost, and does the company have “All-American” values; i.e. pro-military, pro-veteran, pro-law enforcement, pro-2nd Amendment, and anti-political correctness.

So let’s start with “All-American” values. The Operator Coffee website says they are dedicated to supporting military members, veterans, first responders, and a portion of every item sold is donated to charities that support these brave men and women, CHECK.

The cost was very reasonable in comparison with your standard supermarket blends, CHECK.

Finally, the taste and aroma. I found the complex blend of different flavors in each of the different types of roast (Dark, Light, and Medium) produced a range of sensory experiences. All of them GOOD! What “All-American” doesn’t like coffee names like “Breacher Blend”, “Pillar of Patriots”, “Bore Cleaner”, EDC Blend”, “Trident Blend”, “Climb To Glory”, or “Para Blend”. There is a little something different here for everyone. Their coffee prices around $12.00-$13.00 a bag and comes in whole bean or ground.


A tribute to all the Frogmen (Navy Seals) out there.  Trident Roast is a highly caffeinated single origin coffee that will get your day going.

Roast: Light

Origin: Costa Rica

Taste Notes: Sweet, Berry, Lemon, Chocolate, Raisins, Buttermilk, Balanced


This dark roast is co branded with the alliance that Operator Coffee is a part of, Anteris Alliance.  Anteris is all about support for veterans, first responders, and patriots.  50 veteran and patriot owned companies are part of Anteris Alliance

Roast: Dark

Taste Notes: Hints of Chocolate, Hazelnut, Dried Apricot, Clean Finish


Breacher Blend is a favorite of dark roast lovers.

Roast: Dark

Origin: Central & South America (Blend)

Taste Notes: Hints of Brown Sugar, Smoky, Smooth Finish

Look, this is Serious Coffee for the Serious Operator. It is great tasting coffee, at a great price, dedicated to supporting military members, veterans, and first responders. So if you want to “Make America and Coffee Great Again” buy some of this Operator Coffee ASAP! You will not be disappointed.

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