“Dark men with dark hearts hide from the light of day. Dark men do their dark deeds and then they fade away”~the Way of the Gunfighter.

The holy instructions of the Gunfighter are hidden within the Ark of the Gunfighter by four deathless warriors. Inside the sacred relic are the holy commandments for those who vow to live the life. Do you want to know their secrets? The ways are not only secret but they require great commitment to become one.

According to legend, the ark was constructed by the greatest of warriors and there is a debate among scholars as to who they were. The ark vanished 700 years ago but some know where it is. The secrets are for the taking.

The ark has a number of seemingly magical powers, according to legend. In one story, a river stopped flowing and remained still while the dead men carried the ark crossed the river. Other stories describe how the warriors of many armies took the ark with them into battle where the powers of the ark helped them defeat their enemies.

First sketch to get the thoughts down. 

The new generation abandoned the old creeds, trusted that it was best to have no faith and then wondered why there wasn’t meaningful purpose and a coda to their life but not you. You swore to be a Gunfighter and be one of the best.

Most men don’t plan on being failures, but it’s equally likely they don’t set out plans for being a success. You gave your vow to be the deadliest. Hell awaits men without courage and a vision, or the objectivity to stand back and understand what he must pursue. The Gunfighters will find themselves judged, cursed and crushed for their intelligence and honesty in a world of declining values, declining manliness, declining desires of achieving a worthy place in the world.

We removed the knee pads and rifle foregrip cos it was dumb. Middle fighter’s legs are too short. 

The Gunfighter will be injured because of his awareness, and because of men who do not truly dare to have a real thought of their own but he should never stop trying to become a fully developed warrior. Attempting to truly live means he will also experience tremendous shocks to the soul, shocks that wound men severely. The delicate instrument of love will close off some of his injuries from further insult but he must have enough bravery to see the operation through. And then he must have enough courage to pursue the path of the warrior! Wandering, questioning, doubting, unbelieving and believing, coming, going, dying and growing. Where men ultimately and intimately suffer is in lacking the courage to honestly pursue the path to the gift they know is waiting for them because in truth they know the measure of their fragility. Are you ready to be the Gunfighter?

Now we’re talking! Crye pants!

Middle fighter’s legs are now in line with the rest.


Spotter Up Tactical provides credible and applicable information in support of individuals becoming the best Chessmen they can be. A Chessman is an expert strategist, who trains rigorously, and can take action(s) to bypass threats. Becoming tactically sound in anything worthwhile requires sacrifice, discipline and a long-term plan.

Spotter Up believes in finding solutions to problems.  ‘Find a Way or Make One’. Excuses are never made.

About the Logo

A spotter is trained to look for things. In our Spotter Up logo, our Spotter is the omniscient strategist who looks at problems through a lens of opportunity. He sits atop his tower and holds command over the 360 degrees around him, as represented by the eight arrows, (six in view) in our black and white circular logo. From his line of sight, he can see around, above, below and beyond a problem. He isn’t stuck using the same movements, as a rook chess piece would do, because he breaks the rules when the rules plainly don’t make sense. He capably navigates himself around threats, and can go anywhere.

A Spotter is the known as the  consummate Chessman. He identifies issues, gathers information on the threats, devises a plan, and executes it successfully. In heraldry, the skull represents victory of life over death, and our spotter tower is a fortress that is a testament to his ability. Sometimes success is achieved by looking inside rather than beyond, and it is gained by listening to what you ‘know’. He is the sentinel that watches over others, himself, and learns in order that he can point the way out of danger.

Mock Up only; not the real thing, SHIRT IS SHORT SLEEVE!

AUT INVENIUM VIAM AUT FACIUM-I will either find a way or I will make one.

Legend has it that the military commander Hannibal said this to his generals after they told him it was impossible to cross the Alps on elephants.

If we are out of stock we will have more products coming in usually NO more than 2 weeks from the date you ordered (usually 7 to 10 days). Some items must be in season before they can be ordered such as hoodies (usually Winter time). All orders come with one free, cool Spotter Up Sticker.

Spotterup promotes the idea of the classical “whole” man found in ancient texts. For our modern day he is the GUNFIGHTER, WRITER,  WILDMAN, MONK: Man of Action, Man of Intellect, Man of Emotion, Man of Spirit. This shirt is part of our GUNFIGHTER series. Expect to see many more designs under this archetype.

Consider the Athenian ideal of a balanced education. From the book Greek Realities: Life and Thought in Ancient Greece, By Finley Hooper “They could play some flute but should not neglect wrestling.” They avoided the excesses of life. They might focus on music or philosophy but spent enough time so that their bodies did not become soft.”




About The Author

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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