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In a short amount of time the MiiR 20 L Daypack became one of my favorite bags. It has a high storage capacity, good compartmentalization, and of course, style. Out of the many packs I own the 20 L bag doesn’t have a lot of excess going on. Certainly I like the look of ‘tactical’ bags, mostly produced for those with military or law enforcement sensibilities, but for my daily use I prefer the simplicity of this MiiR pack. They call this their day pack and for good reason. This bag can be used for the daily grind. There are compartments for your laptop, iPhone, earbuds, dress shoes, gym clothes and water bottle but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Let’s get a little background on MiiR. MiiR shifted into other products after making an impact on the market with their line of fancy stainless steel bottles. They got into bikes and bags too and it’s clear to me they put a lot of thought into their brand. They went from creating a sleek-looking functional bottle line and straight into bikes and bags that would give educational opportunities to people throughout the developing world.

In their own words, “We set out to redesign a timeless object, make it with the highest ethical standards, and provide clean water to those without.” MiiR invests in communities all around the world like providing students with resources like scholarships, and equipping teachers with exceptional and training resources. Their philanthropic projects make a difference in communities lacking in resources and that’s good enough reason for me to support this brand.

I like the sleek look of the bag. There is sufficient room to add boots or a hoodie for moments when the weather conditions change.


I’m not a guy who likes to chase fashion. Yes, I like the Daypack 20 L for its distinct design. When it comes to owning gear I look for products that have good construction first over fashion. When it comes to getting a ‘tactical’  bag I look to see if it will fit my needs; does it have strong zippers, is the MOLLE in the best place, are there draw-strings, is there a camouflage pattern and so forth.

Second, I like to consider the conceptual elements the creator thought about when creating a product and I look at the MiiR as a winner.  The company obviously sat down and sketched out their idea for their bag line before they produced a single one. This is important to me as a consumer because so much gear out their is just reproduced, regurgitated ideas that are copies of copies. The bag has clean lines and not too much bulk. They pared the bag down to its simplest elements. What does a consumer need when getting from Point A to Point B on a daily basis?

My wife and I do a lot of short hikes through the city. We pick up a few items from the local grocer, grab coffee, and check out the local shops. I don’t need a big bag for these jaunts.

When looking for a commuter bag or day bag the bag should never be larger than it needs to be. You don’t want a bag that makes you look as if you just came from college and can carry everything (because you don’t want to return to your dorm room). This bag will blend in smartly with your business suit or street-wear. You can pair this with a blazer, business suit or just tshirt/jeans and blend in with other commuters. (We have a review on their Commuter 25 L bag coming soon ). This is not a hiking bag. It’s big enough to carry everything you’d need in an ordinary day, and nothing else. This bag will not clash with work wear because it has an understated style.

I am headed out to Washington D.C. this morning to link up with Jesse from Tactivate. There’s going to be a good, cross-section of folks from the DoD to high impact local entrepreneurs and developers. The understated style of this day bag will work well for carrying gear to this informal event where they’ll serve whiskey and snacks.


This is the kind of bag you use when peddling your bike around town, hustling up the road for a quick trip to the local cafe or brew house, or riding the train to link up with some friends in the next town over. It is simple yet fairly well structured enough to allow you to pack it full of clothes for the gym or for work. As sub-20 pound loads go this bag will do you just fine. The grayman look of this bag will help you look like any other dude in the city.

Good for airplane carry on but check with your airlines because there isn’t a standard carry on size. Here is a good sizing chart article to check on the right size carry for planes.

The bag is great for walking between city blocks. Stow away some nutrition bars, water, and head out.


I consider myself a utilitarian when it comes to buying gear. If the gear has too much going on, and it isn’t usable to me in any form, I won’t purchase it. This bag is lightweight, comfortable to wear over the shoulders it is very well-made. It has what it needs to get the job done. If you’re the sort of person who carries a large number of individual items around, the 20 L Daypack is a dream bag. It has sufficient amount of individual pockets and organizational sections to hold your basics: public-transit card or keys, laptop, gym shoes, laptop, towel and much more. Keep in mind, this is their Daypack bag, and if you want the same style but a bigger bag then take a look at the Commuter 25 L. Most hiking and multisport daypacks are 30 liters (around 1,830 cubic inches).

The bag is built from wear-resistant 630D nylon with DWR (durable water repellent). When empty the bag holds its rectangular, box-shape unlike some soft fabric, day bags that collapse when emptied. It makes it easy to find what I need.

The bag is not waterproof, so don’t think about going through a typhoon with this, but it is great for humid areas like North Carolina and Virginia where you might get intermittent showers a few times throughout the seasons. It has a weather-thwarting roll top closure and weatherproof PU coated zippers and polyurethane inner coating for increased water resistance. Your laptop and paper notebooks will be fine. 

The bag has a nice sheen to it. It is clean looking, and has nearly the right amount of zippers and compartments. There is a simple, single strap and clasp to allow users to cinch down the top of the bag. The bag opens up exactly like a brown grocery bag and is good for quickly rummaging through when you’re searching for something. Thrown in your gym clothes and other garments and head out. A narrow, water bottle can be inserted into the left side of the bag (top image) and the pocket on the right side is sufficient for a handgun, books or a tablet. The mouth of the bag exceeds the pack’s normal capacity and therefore allows you to extend the storage capability.

The shoulder straps are contoured but not overly padded. This is not a hiking pack. The padding is sufficient for spartan use. This is the kind of bag that is a breeze to carry around all day. Elongate the straps if you are a taller person or like the bag to hang lower on your torso.

You can affix a bike light to the top loop. 

The inside of the bag has a 15” wide padded laptop compartment and it runs the entire length of the bag too. I use my cellphone to write articles. I actually prefer to separate my garments from my footwear and instead use this section to stow my running shoes.


There is a small inner-compartment that runs the width of the bag. It can be used to store daily carry items like chargers, power packs, and other essentials such as pens, cables, and earbuds. Keep in mind that the 20 L is a day pack. A trail-running pack may be designed to hold as little as 10 liters (610 cu. in.). A climbing pack may hold 40 to 50 liters (around 2,440 to 3,050 cu. in.).

The bag is good for the those with a minimalist mentality. I would like to see more pockets on the bag for stashing items. The bag has a tough fabric and is good for day trips. It is lightweight. I like the water-resistant zippers and water repellent finish. The light, padded back panel, the media pockets, and clean look make it multi-functional for casual wear and formal wear.

Polyurethane is the standard coating applied to the interior walls of packs. It provides significant water resistance. The bag is the right size for navigating train stations and boat transfers. Straps are adjustable for short and tall people. The nylon can make your back sweat a lot in hotter climates. Inside pocket near the top of the main opening good for stowing away airplane tickets, iPhone or pens.

Excellent warranty. MiiR offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects on their backpacks/bags purchased from Normal wear and tear, including scratches, dings, and other marks are not covered under the MiiR warranty. Manufacturer defects include but are not limited to: micro leaks, rough welds and damages sustained prior to first use.

Overall, I’d say this is a great bag!


  • Bombproof 630D nylon with DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • Polyurethane inner coating for increased water resistance
  • Water resistant PU coated zippers
  • Quick access side zipper
  • 15″ padded laptop pocket
  • MiiR GiiR loops
  • Reflective logo & accents

MSRP: $119.00

Functionality: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Cost: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Style: 5/5

Overall Total: 24/25

Material Disclosure

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